Climate Repair 31.4-5

Published: October 2005

Editorial: Climate for Change

National Inspire - R. Peters, N. Shariff and J. Whitmore
The Canadian Environmental Network’s latest green energy paper tells Canadians how to step up efforts to curb climate change.

Time for an Oil Change - Nicola Ross
Alberta should tap its much-lauded entrepreneurial spirit to lead the way in emissions reduction

London Crawling - Anders Hayden
Britain was right on target for meeting its Kyoto commitments, but will have to pick up the pace to stay in the race.

The Trading Game - Danny Bradbury
Emissions trading schemes offer pollution as a market commodity..

Insuring the Climate - Matthew Paterson
The insurance industry has not had the effect on emissions that environmentalists predicted.

Arctic Alarm - Terry Fenge
In the Arctic, climate change isn’t an abstraction – it’s happening now.

Partially Hydrogen-ated - S. Kundu, T. Mali and M. Fowler
Much of the necessary infrastructure for a hydrogen economy is already developing.

Local Heroics - Stephen Hill
One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to climate policy. The best chances for cutting emissions lie with communities.

Power Play - Frantz Hartmann
The shifting dynamics in a minority government gave lobbyists a chance to put environment on the agenda

Science Desk - Dylan Chadsey
New modelling indicates methane’s climate change impact is more potent than previously thought.

Letter from Whitehorse - Lindsay Staples
Community monitoring program has documented significant changes in the Arctic ecosystem.

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
Unnatural Disaster: Katrina ripped the lid off the tangled relations between environment and politics, exposing desperate poverty, the dangers of environmental manipulation and the need for collective action.


The Natural Step for Communities - Sarah James and Torbjörn Lahti
A Stain Upon the Sea - Stephen Hume et al.
The Discovery of Global Warming - Spencer R. Weart
The Secret Wars of Judi Bari - Kate Coleman

Double Take - Charles Dobson
Jocelyn Brown’s One Good Outfit is a classic guide book to covert high-caloric schmoozing.

Brain Mulch - Ryan D. Kennedy and Jackie Dawson
Borrowing from kindergarten lessons, “all they really need to know” came to Jackie and Ryan thanks to a canoe trip.

Climate Repair 31.4-5