Colours of Green 29.1

Published: January 2003

Myths of Diversity - Andil Gosine
Canadian environmentalists don’t want to talk about racism — but too often that means the uncritical acceptance of popular diversity myths.
Inset: Les Verts Reinvent Égalité

Ghosts of Africville - Denise Izzard Allen
Former residents of Africville are still fighting municipal planning decisions in Nova Scotia.

Introducing Equity - Peter Montague
The multidimensional environmental justice movement is transforming mainstream environmentalism in the US.

Rich Harvest - Lauren Baker and Jin Huh
The cultural and agricultural diversity of Canada’s largest city is reflected in the bounty produced each year by community gardeners.
Inset Growing a Second Language Anne Marie Brose

Seven Lessons - Satya Ramen and Silvia Langer
Greenest City shares experiences from a project to improve immigrant communities’ access to environmental programs.

Whiteness in Seattle - Narina Nagra
Anti-globalization activists examine racism within the movement.
Inset Colonialism By Any Other Name

No Seat, No Fare - Jennifer Niece
Los Angeles bus riders fight transit fare hikes and service reductions by going on strike and going to court.

Transit Equity - Farrah Byckalo-Khan and Andil Gosine
Union seeks reform of tax that favours car commuters over bus and metro riders.

Water Rights and Wrongs - Maura Hanrahan
Safe drinking water remains a distant hope for residents of Black Tickle and for many other Indigenous people in Canada.

Toxic Comedy
Alternatives talks to director Judith Helfand about environmental justice in her award-winning film Blue Vinyl.

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Bhopal update
Ecotexts censored
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Shrinking ecocapacity

News Desk 
Canadian News, Global News, Campaigns, Research Findings

Letter from Johannesburg 
David McDonald reflects on the UN sellout at last summer’s Earth Summit.

Come Hell or High Water - Piers Moore Ede
Rising sea levels and extreme flooding threaten to make the South Pacific’s Tuvalu the first victim of global warming.

Double Take - Charles Dobson

Living With the Forest - Cindy Hubbard
Sustainable use proves more democratic than a forestry ban in Angkor, Cambodia.

Political Science 
Stephen Bocking compares two forecasts of the economic fallout from the Kyoto climate treaty.

Kyoto Backlash
Gordon Laird examines why Alberta’s cabinet hates Kyoto.

Lost Words - David McLaren
We do not know what Chief Seathl actually said in his famous speech, but we can try to understand what he meant.

Canadian Graduate Environmental Studies Programs
The directory that connects students with environmental schools.


Imperial Ecology by Peder Anker
Take My Land Take My Life by Donald Craig Mitchell
Putting Women in Place by Mona Domosh and Joni Seager
Voices for the Watershed by Gregor Beck and Bruce Littlejohn
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Brain Mulch - Peachy Ethics  
Ryan Kennedy struggles through the maze of what is good and what is good enough when it comes to gift giving.

Colours of Green 29.1