Consuming Culture 27.2

Published: April 2001

Editorial: Culture Jammers and Basic Civility - Robert Gibson

Caught between community service and criminalized activity, pirate microbroadcasters are challenging authority.
Inset: Meet Godzilla: Media Monster Poised to Gobble the World by RICHARD EDMONDSON

A Pie in the Face - PAUL BAINES
Culture jammers re-code, hijack, subvert, un-cool, de-myth and reclaim the cultural space..

Some major corporations are making sustainability their business.

Resources for Transforming Culture
Alternatives provides a sampling of web sites and print resources on the themes raised in the issue.
Ecobunk Commercial and political frauds may claim that brown is green, but at the Ecobunk Awards their true colours are revealed.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - With Politics - K. FRY AND C. LOUSLEY
Out of the contradictions of popular culture, eco-grrrls are rising to define feminism, environmentalism and political action.

Music in Nature - DAVID ROTHENBERG
For the attentive listener, the final task is to hear each noise as a melody in the vast improvisation that creates the world's soundscape.

Home Renovations - TIM BEATLEY
Planners and citizens face their biggest challenge -- rebuilding a sense of place and commitment in an increasingly mobile, globally oriented world.

The Suburbanators - LYN KATHLENE
Without special efforts to build civic engagement, suburbs will continue to be social incubators of anti-sustainable behaviour.

Simplifying Life- FIONA HEATH
Some people are fighting the culture of consumption by choosing a simpler, lower cost and low-impact lifestyle.

Cultural Transformers- DOUG CLEVERLEY
Review of Cultural Creatives, which describes how American culture and politics are being transformed by a nation within.
Inset: Are You a Cultural Creative?

More Alternatives


Hot Green Websites

Noah's Birth Brings a Flood of Questions - TAMARA LEVINE
The technological wizardry of endangered species cloning may do little for ecology or ethics.

Norway Powers Up - CHAD BRIGGS
Construction of new electrical plants in Norway will violate the country's Kyoto commitments.

Friction to the Machine - TOOKER GOMBERG
Toronto mayoral candidate and rabble rouser Tooker Gomberg launches his new column "Stir It Up."


The Big Flush by Ron Vida, director,Toronto: Photo Synthesis Productions, 1999
The Things We Carry by Leba Haber Rubinoff, director, New York: Flip the Script Productions, 2000
Where on Earth Are We Going? by Maurice Strong, Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000
God's Last Offer - Negotiating for a Sustainable Future by Ed Ayres, New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1999.

Brain Mulch: Kewl Environmentalists - Ryan Kennedy

Consuming Culture 27.2
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