Correcting Environmental Neglect in the Constitutional Debate 18.4

Published: May 1992

Editorial: A Constitution without the environment is like… - Robert Gibson

The Environment in the Current Constitution - Judith Hanebury

Inset: What is the Constitution of Canada? - Paul Muldoon

Designing an Environmentally Responsible Constitution - Barbara Rutherford and Paul Muldoon

Background Materials and Commentaries

Introduction to Constitution Package - Robert Gibson

Environmentally-related Aspects of the Recent Constitutional Proposals compiled - Mary Pickering

Inset: Update on the Beaudoin/Dobbie report by Barbara Rutherford

Inset: Aboriginal self - government as an environmental principle

Environmentalist Views on Constitutional Issues compiled - Mary Pickering

The Federal Unity Proposals and the Environment: Three Partisan Views - Jean Charest, Jim Fulton and Paul Martin

Canadian, World, Tech Notes

Harms’ Way: Bug Rights! - Dave Harms

Concern over persistent toxics extended to the recycling industry

Birch Behmann and Ulrike Bergmann - Baker

Inset: What about the ink?

Inset: A word about de - inking

Inset: Germany legislates waste reduction

Nile delta sinking - Marco Burelli

CFC replacement has negative side effects - Peter Bosomworth

Inset: Ozone protection pays by Marco Burelli

Inset: The naming convention of CFCs and HCFCs


Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism - Irene Diamond and Gloria Feman Orenstein, eds.
Finding Our Way: Rethinking Ecofeminist Politics - Janet Biehl
Sisters of the Earth: Women’s Prose and Poetry About Nature - Lorraine Anderson, ed.
Home Place: Essays on Ecology - Stan Rowe
On The Land: Essays and Images - Susan Glover, ed.
The Rights of Nature: A History of Environmental Ethics - Roderick Frazier Nash
Sustainability As If We Mean It - Clifford Maynes, ed.
Tropical Rainforest: A World Survey of Our Most Valuable and Endangered Habitat with a Blueprint for its Survival - Arnold Newman

Podium: The Ground Speaks - Miles Stanley Morrisseau

Correcting Environmental Neglect in the Constitutional Debate 18.4
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