Diamonds Aren't Forever 22.4

Published: October 1996

Editorial: Punching Dummies in the North - Bob Gibson

The Nasty Game - Susan Wismer

In the rush to mine Canada's North for diamonds and minerals, native voices are being ignored and the environmental assessment process is failing.
Inset: A Chronology of the BHP Diamond Mining Environmental Assessment by Susan Wismer and Brenda Parlee
Inset: BHP Settles Ok Tedi Damage Claim by Suzanne Galloway

Neither Boom Nor Bust - Heather Myers

Hunting Grounds - James P. Morgan and J. David Henry

Trapping and hunting by aboriginal people are realities in many northern national parks. Co - operative wildlife management bodies can ensure this is done in ways that protect ecological integrity and ensure equity.

Northern Science Undermined - Stephen Bocking

Budgets decline as environmental concerns increase.

Mad Cows Shake Up British Agriculture - Claire Leech

Disaster for industrial farming gives a boost to greener pastures.

Mad Cows Help Canadians - Claire Leech

Calgary House Goes Beyond Sustainability - Garry Checora

Only the appearance and the mortgage are conventional.

National Parks Abandoned - James Fulton

Ottawa's budget plan means no new parks and less protection for existing ones.

Bev Christensen, Too Good To Be True: Alcan's Kemano Completion Project 
J.Walton Blackburn and Willa Marie Bruce, eds., Mediating Environmental Conflicts: Theory and Practice 
Paul Muldoon and Richard Lindgren, The Environmental Bill of Rights: A Practical Guide 
Susan K. Jacobson, ed., Conserving Wildlife: International Education and Communication Approaches

Harms' Way: Getting a Charge Out of Infomercials - Dave Harms

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