Earth Invasion 30.4

Published: July 2004

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Editorial: Hell on Earth

Dams, Guns and Refugees - Peter Penz
Irresponsible development and environmental conflicts displace rural people, especially when the tensions lead to violence.
Arab Marshland Water Rises with Hussein’s Fall Christina Rehbein

Double Speak - Sarah Estabrooks
Despite the talk of disarmament, the US is developing new nuclear weapons.
The World’s Nuclear Arsenals

Canada’s Military Landscape
Alternatives interviews Ginger Stones, the Department of National Defence’s Director General Environment.

Echoes of Distant Wars - Perin Ruttonsha

War and Weapons Funded by Canada Pension Plan - Tara Flynn

Building a Bomb - Kasia Kaluzny

Corporate Invasion Public Citizen - Dahr Jamail
Neither the spirit nor the letter of their contract holds water in Bechtel’s lucrative reconstruction deal in Iraq.

World Insecurity Map
Armed conflict, resolutions, peace missions, and sources of peacekeeping spending.

Pillage and Plunder - Michael Renner

More Alternatives
The vast natural resources of the Congo are once again fuelling war, exploitation and poverty – and Western consumers are profiting.

Earth Invasion 30.4