EcoFeminism, Sprucebudworms, and Time 19.4

Published: August 1993

Editorial: Environmentalism in a no-growth economy - Robert Gibson

Women and Sustainability: Ecofeminist Perspectives - Melody Hessing

Time Waits for No Beast: Temporality and the Dis-integration of Nature - Mora Campbell

The Cape Breton Island Spruce Budworm Infestation: A Retrospective Analysis - Charles Restino

Canadian, World, Techonology Notes

Harms’ Way: Water on the Brain - Dave Harms

Ecosystem Management in Rondeau Provincial Park - Christopher McLaughlin
Inset: Birth control for wildlife offers new options for deer herd management

Methyl bromide threatens ozone layer - Diana Cartwright

Heirloom plant programmes create living gene banks - Greg Newton

Environment is part of education at New Zealand’s Mountain Valley community school - Birch Behmann

Montreal signs contract for new incinerator - Stephane Morin

“SOPCR” Or What Students Can Do for the Environment - Stephane Morin

Shetland tanker spill worries Canadian fish farmers - Shira Golden


Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology by Jim MacNeill, Pieter Winsemius and Taizo Yakushiji
World Resources 1992
- 1993: A Guide to the Global Environment ? Toward Sustainable Development by the World Resources Institute
No Fish and Our Lives: Some Survival Notes for Newfoundland by Cabot Martin
The Social Creation of Nature by Neil Evernden
Canadian Environmental Policy: Ecosystems, Politics and Process by R. Boardman, ed.
Wild Hunters: Predators in Peril by Monte Hummel and Sherry Pettigrew
Elephants: The Deciding Decade by Ronald Orenstein, ed.
End of the Road: The World Car Crisis and How We Can Solve It by Wolfgang Zuckerman
Mountain World in Danger: Climate Change in the Forests and Mountains of Europe by Sten Nilsson and David Pitt
Ecological Economics: The Science and Management of Sustainability by Robert Costanza, ed.

Podium: Hurray for the four-day work week: Working less to save the environment - Vernon Molloy

EcoFeminism, Sprucebudworms, and Time Alternatives Journal 19.4
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