Economic Change for People and the Environment 21.4

Published: October 1995

Editorial: Now that we are significant - Robert Gibson

Sustainability as Symbiosis: Why We Can't Be the Forehead Mites of Gaia - Kent A. Peacock

More Jobs, Less Damage: A Framework for Sustainability, Growth and Employment - William E. Rees

Taxing Combustion and Rehabilitating Forests: Achieving Sustainability, Growth and Employment through Energy Policy - William E. Rees
Inset: Agenda 21 provides shaky foundations for fight against global poverty by Thomas Heyd

A Rare Good Thing: The Hopi Solar Project and Barriers to the Use of Renewable Energy Technologies - Dennis Bartels

Harms' Way: It ain't the humidity... - Dave Harms

Charges against environmental doctor worry victims of environmental illness - Gwenith Whitford

Unusual partnership brings recycling to St. John's - Angela O'Regan

Legislation may reduce illegal wildlife trade in Canada - Sonja Sen

Ontario courts reluctant composters - Jane Snyder

Poll shows environmental issues a priority for most Canadians - Julia Weston

New Canadians enrich environmental activism - Mary Pickering

Jerry de Gryse and Andrew Sant, eds., Our Common Ground: A Celebration of Art, Place and Environment 
Richard Hofrichter, ed.,Toxic Struggles: The Theory and Practice of Environmental Justice 
Andrew Dobson and Paul Lucardie, eds., The Politics of Nature: Exlporations in Green Political Theory 
Lourdes Arizpe, M. Priscilla Stone, and David C. Major, eds., Population and Environment: Rethinking the Debate 
John M. Bryden, ed., Towards Sustainable Rural Communities: The Guelph Seminar Series

Podium: A Tale of Community Activism: Residents Work Together to Halt the Brantford Southern Access Road - Catherine Verrall


Economic Change for People and the Environment Alternatives Journal 21.4