Education 40.4

Published: October 2014

Environmental education teaches how to be in the world, how to connect and partner with others to achieve a goal, how to synthesize disparate world views and consider innovative possibilities as solutions.

A\J's 2014 Education issue digs into what it means to get an environmental education – plus where to get one, what you can do with it, and why everyone should have one.

In this issue:

  • An inspiring feature essay by Natasha Milijasevic on the unique value of an environmental education.
  • Jane Goodall on why today's grads make great leaders.
  • Grad profiles: what real alumni are doing with Canadian environmental degrees.
  • Our annual guide to environmental post-secondary programs across the country.
  • How we'll get past the nuclear era's fiscal meltdown. 
  • A creative Vancouverite's success with at-home hydroponics.
  • How-to: A DIY solar water heater.
  • Methane-bleeding fracking wells.
  • A Q&A with racecar driver Leilani Münter.

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Investment managers are waking up to the fact that holding vast reserves in fossil fuel companies, especially for vital purposes such as pension funds, is an unacceptable risk.
Humans can continue as the planet's most successful weeds, but only if we stop wrecking the place.