The End of Sprawl 26.3

Published: July 2000

Editorial: Beyond Sprawl - Nina-Marie Lister

The Best So Far - Don Alexander
Vancouver's remarkable approach to the Southeast False Creek redevelopment is a big step towards sustainable redevelopment planning for urban sites.

Gardens Overhead - Jessica Kwik
Rooftop culture sprouts in North American cities.
Inset: The Up Side of Green Roofs and Walls

Climbing the Walls - Brad Bass and Roger Hansell
Vertical gardens can cool buildings and clear the air.

Retrofitting Suburbia - Zinnia Clark
Transforming car-dependent subdivisions into transit- and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods sounds like a miracle - and it is!

Walkabout - Lisa Rochon
The act of walking is both a joy and a rebellion.
Inset: Good Urban Design is Walkable
Inset: When I'm Walking by Jonathan Richman

Life With Less Sprawl -Jill Grant
Japanese communities demonstrate designs for more compact living.

Our Place - Nik Luka and Nina-Marie Lister
Community ecodesign for the Great White North means re-integrating local culture and nature.
Inset: John Todd's Miniature Ecosystems by Jamal Ramjohn

Retrofitting Fredensgade - David Van Vliet
A small Danish city renews an inner-city block in an extraordinary union of ecology and community.

Shared Space - Nina-Marie Lister
By bringing a range of users under one roof, designers are helping to create more ecological and liveable institutions.

Greening the Ivory Tower - Emmannuelle Tittley
North American universities learn to apply environmental wisdom.

Crystal Waters -Rebecca Pollock
Australian ecovillage is a world-recognized pioneer in low-impact living.

Six Better Ways
Alternatives picks exemplary initiatives for community redesign.

Resources for Redesign
Alternatives gives a sampling of some of the many ecodesign resources.

Law and Odour - Elisabeth Barrett Ristroph
Our intrepid reporter accompanies Mexico City pollution inspectors to a small factory.

Fairway Trap - Francis Paul
Cash-strapped conservation authorities are being targetted by golf course developers.


Should Hunting Be Allowed in Parks?
Maybe - Sometimes by Kevin Van Tighem
Never by Tony Weis and Anita Krajnc


Totem Salmon: Life Lessons from Another Species by Freeman House, Boston: Beacon Press, 1999.
Healy Park by Graeme Pole, Calgary: Mountain Vision Publishing, c/o Rocky Mountain Books, 1998.
Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology by Brewster Kneen, Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 1999.

Global Worming - Ryan Kennedy

The End of Sprawl 26.3