Energy 30.1

Published: January 2004

Editorial: Back to the Future In the 1970s

the Middle East was in crisis and most Canadians thought and talked about energy use, especially after oil prices quadrupled in 1979. Big station wagons and tail-finned behemoths became yesterday’s vehicles. Thirty years later, the Middle East is in a crisis not unrelated to oil and we know that fossil fuel use contributes to climate change. ...

Editorial: Back to the Future

The Soft Path Holds Up - Lenore Newman and David B. Brooks
Efficient technologies and renewable sources will bring a cheaper, more reliable energy future.

The Path Less Taken

Waste Energy Is Truro’s Treasure - Ken Church

Bright Ideas Twelve steps to break our energy addiction – with technologies and policy options that are available today.

Production Up, Emissions Down

Stop and Go Without Pollution

Hot Water, Hot Savings

Utilities Have the Power

Why We Need Renewables - Ian H. Rowlands
Low-impact, renewable sources of energy are our only long-term hope.

Money Talks, Standards Rock - Paul Parker, Mary Jane Patterson, Ian H. Rowlands and Daniel Scott
Federal and provincial regulations are needed to get our homes to the highest levels of efficiency.

Home Energy Success Story

NYPV Blue - Joshua Radoff From highrises to brownstones, solar power finds a home in New York City.

Vancouver Housing Co-op Goes Solar

Blowing in the Wind - David MacLeod T
he Danes have shown that wind energy thrives when there is consistent government support and community ownership.

Toronto Co-op Buys into Wind

Hydro Hype, Dam Delusions - Petr Cizek
The proposal to dam the Deh Cho for hydroelectricity is a classic case of short-sighted energy planning.

Water for Diamonds

Plus Canadian News, Global News, Campaigns, Research Findings

Science Desk - Denyse O’Leary
Sea lion declines; wingbeat mathematics

Letter from Newfoundland - Linda Whalen
Beware the arrival of the waste trade industry.

Quiz - Paul Bobier
Utopias, dystopias and other environmental fantasies test your imagination.

Portrait of an Activist - Charles Dobson

Reality Cheque - Tonya Surman
Non-profits can gain by pooling their resources, funding efforts and advocacy work.

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
An unprecedented pattern of distortion and manipulation marks the Bush administration’s approach to science.

Under the Magnifying Glass - Langdon Winner
Nanotechnology needs open deliberation not boosterism if it is to serve the public good.

Within Limits - David R. Boyd
Canada’s record on environmental protection is a patchwork of weak laws and even weaker enforcement.

Canadian Graduate Environmental Studies Programs 
Find the grad program that suits your learning needs.


Silicon Valley of Dreams - D.N. Pellow & L.S. Park Main
Currents in Western Environmental Thought - P. Hay
Political Nature - J.M. Meyer
Democracy and the Claims of Nature - B.A. Minteer & B. Pepperman Taylor, eds.
Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America - J.G. Nelson et al., eds
Webs of Power by Starhawk and Global Uprising - N. Welton and L. Wolf, eds.
Hot Green Web Sites

Special to the web

Science Literacy for the 21st Century- Stephanie Pace Marshall, Judith A. Scheppler and Michael J. Palmisano, eds.
Exploring the Tomato: Transformations of Nature, Society and Economy- Mark Harvey, Steve Quilley and Huw Beynon
War and Tropical Forests: Conservation in Areas of Armed Conflict- Steven V. Price, ed.
Decolonizing Nature: Strategies for Conservation in a Post-colonial Era- William M. Adams and Martin Mulligan, eds.
Human Rights and the Environment: Conflicts and Norms in a Globalizing World- Lyuba Zarsky, ed.

Energy web resources

Brain Mulch - Ryan D. Kennedy
Read the memoirs of the Mississauga anti-litter mascot, Clean City Kitty.

Energy 30.1
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