Energy & Education 37.5

Published: September 2011

Education, like the Earth, is power. So in this issue of Alternatives, we combine our annual Education issue with a critical, alternative look at energy. University of Toronto professor and Toronto Star columnist Stephen Bede Scharper explores how our spiritual connection with energy can save us. Stephen Bocking provides a way out of our wicked addiction to the tar sands. In our annual look at environmental education, Kate Davies uncovers 10 tried-and-true lessons in her activists' Power List, and we provide details of 500+ environmental studies courses available at Canadian universities. We recognize Earth Day Canada's roundup of Hometown Heroes; introduce you to an exciting climate change initiative in our own hometown of Waterloo, Ontario; and top it off with our regular incisive, and occasionally irreverent, columnists.

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Letters to the Editor
Foodwiser, When to Listen to Suncor and more

In Brief: Eco Home Design Wins, First Nation Fish-Buying Club Angles for Food Security

Footprint in Mouth - Gareth Lind
Pro-nukes, anti-nukes--Monbiot and Merkle switch sides and battle it out.

Kulturträger - Mark Meisner
Ready-to-Care: Green fashionistas Emma Watson and Summer Rayne Oakes are helping the culture of couture find its conscience, without sacrificing style.

Our Wicked Addiction - Stephen Bocking
Any intelligent discussion about the tar sands must explore the murky implications of ending their growth.

The Canadian Environmental Education Directory No Better Place to Start From: a rich, easy-to-swim pool of over 500 Environmental programs in 54 universities, find the program that best suits you..

Planning for Resilience - Canadian Association of Planning Students
The 2011 CAPS conference culminated with the Waterloo Manifesto - a pledge to integrate resilience into every facet of a community's social and physical fabric.

Better Business - Tenille Bonoguore
With Sustainable Waterloo's encouragement, local companies are reducing their carbon footprints.

Tough Mind, Tender Heart - Mark Brooks
Sage advice from Earth Day Canada's Outstanding Commitment Award winner, Laure Waridel. Earth Day Canada Heroes.

Sustainability Suspicions - Mark Jaccard
PM's Unintentions Exposed: Carbon pricing report reveals the fiction behind Harper's climate promises.

What's the Big Idea? - Robert Gibson
Ethics: How we value species at risk is even more important on a stressed planet.

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