Eros & Nature 27.3

Published: July 2001

Editorial: The Nature of Sex - Ray Tomalty

Eros Unbound - Kimberly-Anne Ford and William Hipwell
Erotic experience can deepen our connection to nature and liberate our life energies from the cycle of production and consumption.

Falling for Niagara - Karen Dubinsky
Writers have long found the great falls an erotic source of inspiration.

All Consuming Desire - Neil E. Harrison
Advertisers prey on our sexual insecurities to mass market products and services.

Pin-up Protest - Stephanie Croft
Saltspring women bared all in a fundraising calendar. Was it empowerment or exploitation?

From Unnatural Passions to Queer Nature - Catriona Sandilands
Common assumptions linking urban-artificial-queer in opposition to rural-natural-straight deserve closer attention.
Inset: Revolutionary Landdykes Statement by Beverly Brown

Animals Do Do It - Bruce Bagemihl
Whether humans wish to regard it as natural or unnatural, homosexuality has always occurred in the animal kingdom.

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Collateral Damage - Christine Forand
The US war on cocaine production in Columbia is driving legitimate farmers off the land.

Valley of the Dammed - Evan Davies
Despite resettlement failures, local protests and abandonment by international partners, India continues its massive projects to dam the Narmada River.

On the Doole - Stephen Demeulenaere
Dakar's community exchange system strengthens the local economy and helps the people who need it most.

The High Price of Habitat Protection - Stepan Wood
Under the new Species at Risk Act, the federal government would compensate landowners whose property values are reduced by habitat protection orders. This is a very bad idea.

Gut Reaction - Wayne Roberts
Scottish scientist Arpad Pusztai's research pointed to disturbing imbalances to the digestive systems of rats that ate genetically modified potatoes. Talking about his findings cost him his job.

Chaia Heller's The Ecology of Everyday Life - Sherilyn MacGregor
Rick Searle's Phantom Parks - Kevin Van Tighem
Forest L. Reinhardt's Down to Earth - Jim Porter


Brain Mulch: "Blue Noses" - Ryan Kennedy

Eros & Nature 27.3