Ethical Wood 23.3

Published: July 1997

Editorial: Unity in Diversity - Robert Gibson

Demanding Good Wood - Martin von Mirbach
Some current approaches to forest certification are of dubious merit, and even the best have significant limitations.
Inset: Forest Stewardship Council: Principles of Forest Management
Inset: Canadian Council of Forest Ministers: Criteria and Critical Elements
Inset: Pacific Certification Council: Principles

Free Nature - Ian Angus
Interview with deep ecology philosopher Arne Naess about nature, social justice, and strategies for change.

Knowing Home - John Corsiglia and Gloria Snively
NisGa'a traditional knowledge and wisdom improve environmental decision making.t

The VCR Doesn't Work - Patricia Beaulieu
Canada's voluntary programme for climate change prevention is not doing the job.

Still the Worst - Heidi Gjertsen
An ambitious clean-up scheme failed and a cover-it-over fix was rejected, so it's back to square one for the Sydney tar ponds.

Nukes Aren't Green - Moira McConnell
International judges stress ecological concerns in rulings on the legality of nuclear weapons.

The First Little Pig Was Right - Greg Wood
Kim Thompson's straw bale house is sturdy and cheap.

Companies Covet Genes - Pam Rigden
Ethics and profits compete in the patenting of human genetic materials.

Stephen B. Brush and Doreen Stabinsky, eds., Valuing Local Knowledge: Indigenous People and Intellectual Property Rights 
David C. Korten, When Corporations Rule the World 
Wayne Roberts and Susan Brandum, Get a Life! 
Kenneth Westhues, The Working Centre: Experiment in Social Change 
Harold Coward, ed., Population, Consumption and the Environment: Religious and Secular Responses 
Vasanthakumar N. Bhat, ed., The Green Corporation: The Next Competitive Advantage

Harms' Way: Giving up Golf - Dave Harms

Alternatives Journal 23.3