Exploring International Environmental Agreements 20.1

Published: November 1993

Editorial: Global Problems, government limits - Robert Gibson

Beyond Rio?: The Evolution of International Environmental Law - Jutta Brunnee

Protecting a Land Without a Country: The Antarctic Environmental Protocol - David S. Russell

Forging a Link: Two Approaches to Integrating Trade and Environment - Laurie Henderson

Canadian, World, Technology Notes

Harms’ Way: Get with the programme - Dave Harms

Nova Scotia aquaculture initiative raises sustainability questions - Shira Golden
Inset: Drug use in aquaculture

McClure Crescent residents finally win - Jenifer Newcombe

A fertile issue: Making sewage safer in Metro Toronto - Julie Stauffer and James Saper

Canadian groups twinned with Ecuador and Eritera - Kevin Ells

Herbivore lawn maintenance - Lloyd Dean


From Ideas to Action: Business and Sustainable Development by Jan-Olaf Willums and Ulrich Goluke
Our Country, the Planet by Shridath Ramphal
The Carbon Dioxide Report for Canada: An Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Energy Policy in Canada by Friends of the Earth, Robert Hornung, ed.
Nonviolence Speaks to Power by Petra K. Kelly
Conservation of Neotropical Forests: Working From Traditional Resource Use by Kent H. Redford and Christine Padoch, eds.
Vanishing Rainforests: The Ecological Transition in Malyasia by S. Robert Aiken and Colin H. Leigh
Radical Ecology: The Search for a Livable World by Carolyn Merchant
Lore: Capturing Traditional Environmental Knowledge by Martha Johnson, ed.
Scientists on Gaia by Stephen H. Schneider and Penelope J. Boston
Healing Gaia: Practical Medicine for a Planet by James Lovelock
Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World and US Volunteer Opportunities by Becky Buell, Victoria Clarke and Susan Leone, eds.
Environmental Vacations: Volunteer Projects to Save the Planet, 2nd ed. by Stephanie Ocko
Whitewash: Exposing the Health and Environmental Dangers of Women’s Sanitary Products and Disposable Diapers – What you Can Do About It by Liz Armstrong and Adrienne Scott
Making a Middle Landscape by Peter G. Rowe

Podium: It’s Time for a Peoples’ Council on Global Sustainability - Jakob von Uexkull


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