The Faces of New Eco-Activism 26.4

Published: October 2000

Editorial: A Line Across the Board - Robert Gibson

Diversity Over Solidarity - Robert Gibson
What we have learned and where we have come in 30 years of eco-activism.

Corporate Vulnerability
Alternatives Journal interviews Naomi Klein.

Ten Commandments for Changing the World- Angela Bischoff and Tooker Gomberg
Two seasoned activists offer tips on where to start, how to maintain the momentum and have fun, while trying to make a difference.
Inset: Sofa So Good, Time to Bury the Car, Pennies from Heaven

The Velorution - Jeff Ferrell
Bicycle activists and street militants are taking anarchist tactics on the road.

Young, Poor, Active - Matt Silburn
The People's Community Union organizes local social democracy groups to fight for the rights of Kingston's marginalized residents.

The Housewife Who Went to Washington - Gord Perks
The new edition of Lois Gibbs' Love Canal reveals the evolution of an activist and her media image.

Finding Our Way Home - Finding Our Way Home
Community mapping helps residents define their worries and realize their dreams.
Inset: Green Mapping, Montreal Style by Douglas Jack

Testing the Waters - T. Sharpe, B. Savan and N. Amott
After the Ontario government abandoned much of its environmental monitoring, citizens' groups established their own means of keeping watch.
Inset: Water Watchdog Takes City to Court by Lynda Lukasik

e-Activism - Mark Meisner
Environmental activists are using the Internet to organize, spoof and subvert.
Inset: The Web Links, the Web Fragments by Anicka Quin

Shooting the Movement - Helen Spitzer
Grassroots video activists present stories that the mass media neglect or distort.

Persistence vs Persistents - Craig Boljkovak and Paul Muldoon
Nearly 40 years after Silent Spring, environmental advocates are still pushing for elimination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
Inset: The 12 Treaty POPs and Their Status in Canada

More Alternatives


Grass Off Drugs - Helen Baulch
Quebec town goes to court to defend lawn-pesticide ban while the federal government considers a general phase out.

Fighting for Life - Tamara Herman
Indigenous people and farmers battle corporate biopirates.

Money Pit on Wheels - Katie Alvord
Auto romance would fade quickly if we knew how much cash the four-wheeled sweetheart is actually sucking out of our pockets.
Survey: See How Your Car Can Roll Away With Your Cash

Canadian Undergraduate Environmental Studies Programmes
Alternatives presents its second annual annotated undergrad directory.


Early Modern Concepts for a Late Modern World: Althusius on Community and Federalism by Thomas O. Hueglin, Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier Press, 1999.
Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development by Wolfgang Sachs, London: Zed Books, 1999.

Harms' Way: A Great Gaseous Cloud - Dave Harms

The Faces of New Eco-Activism 26.4