Finding A New Voice: Environmental Advocacy and the Arts 17.4

Published: March 1991

Editorial: Snow and goose feathers - Anne Champagne

Literature and Environmental Thought: Re-establishing Connections With the World - Rebecca Raglon

Inset: A Dream of Gaia - Bonnie Steinman

Wordsworth as Environmentalist - Jenny Carter

Community theatre builds the spirit of Eramosa - Susanna Reid

The Mr. and Mrs. Fish Marine Education Program - Sarah Whitney

Culture, cake and the environment - Arthur E. Gelber

Death of the family farm - Caroline Van Bers and Roger Young

Visual Art
The Home Place and A Country Scene North of Elmira - Leah Frey Daum
Untitled, 1990 - Dominique Blain
Broken Icicle, Early Morning Calm, Goose Feathers and Snowball in Trees - Andy Goldsworthy
Oxygen 10 - Saburo Muraoka
Déesse Pelé - Guy Duguay
Environmental Apocalypse - Yvonne Garbutt
The Illustrated Bible or Alexander Von Humbolt and Karl Marx Tour the Americas - Jimmie Durham
A Little Bit of Starlight Lake - Linda Cywink

Canadian, World, Tech Notes

Harms’ Way: Survival tips for the nineties - Dave Harms

Temagami Stewardship Council: An interview with Mary Laronde - Judith Harris

Non-profit recycling centre does more and more - Andrea Imada

Behind the green veil - Lynette Weber

Landfill crisis sparks waste reduction strategies - Maura Walker


Swords into Plowshares: Converting to a Peace Economy - Michael Renner
The Supermarket Tour: A Handbook for Education and Action - Philip White
Environmental Politics and Policy: Theories and Evidence - James P. Lester, ed.
Green Cities: Ecologically Sound Approaches to Urban Space - David Gordon, ed.
At the Pool of Wonder: Dreams and Visions of an Awakening Humanity - Marcia S. Lauck and Deborah Coff - Chapin

Second Opinion: What’s Wrong with Canada’s Healthcare System and How To Fix It - Michael Rachlis and Carol Kusher

Podium: And the way of the river is sacred - Joanne Page

Call for Papers



Finding A New Voice: Environmental Advocacy and the Arts 17.4
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