Genetic Hazards in the Workplace 15.1

Published: January 1988

Editorial: Environmentalists, Meech Lake and other issues of purpose and strategy - Robert Gibson

Organic Farming in India - Thomas L. Green

Union-initiated Research in Genetic Effects of Workplace Agents: A Case Study - Karen Messing

Fishing in Uncharted Waters: A Perspective on the Indian Fishing Agreements Dispute in Northern Ontario - Paul Driben

The Case Against Forest Spraying with the Bacterial Insecticide Bt - David Orton

Prophets and Profits: A Critique of the Benefit/Cost Analysis for Natural Resource Decisions - Edward W. Manning

Experience with National Conservation Strategies: Lessons for Canada - J.G. Nelson

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Canadian, World, Tech Notes

Conserver Society News ? Articles

McMillan’s New Environmental Protection Act disappoints environmentalists - Cynthia J. McGovern

Recreationists stake mining claims on Tatshenshini - Graham Wilson

Rubber recycler battles market resistance - Steve Gombos

Europe reconsiders Chernobyl - Jim Harding

Barrier to public participation struck down - Linda Robertson


Our Common Future by the World Commission on Environment and Development

Sustainable Development of the Biosphere - W.C. Clark and R.E. Munn, eds.

Third Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality - the International Joint Commission

Unfulfilled Promises: A Citizens’ Review of the International Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement - Great Lakes United

The Citizen’s Guide to Lead: Uncovering a Hidden Health Hazard - Barbara Wallace and Kathy Cooper

Environmental Policies: An International Review - Chris C. Park, ed.

Podium: Raw seal and the spirit of plenty - Jill Oakes

Genetic Hazards in the Workplace Alternatives Journal 15.1
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