Grand Manan/ Blue Box/ National Parks 25.4

Published: October 1999

Editorial: When the Going Gets Tough - Ray Tomalty

Bitter Harvest - Joan Marshall
For the people of Grand Manan, government-approved exploitation of rockweed is yet another outside threat to local ecosystems and economic sustainability

Redeeming the Blue Box - Daniel Scott
Complaints that recycling is too expensive just don't add up.
Inset: On the Cutting Edge by Rachel Houlihan

Undermining Wilderness - Kevin Mcnamee
The Canadian mining industry is abandoning its support for a national network of protected areas.
Inset: Canadian Mining Companies Build a Shaky Reputation Abroad by Elena Johnson

Canadian Undergraduate Environmental Studies Programmes
Following the positive response to the first annual graduate directory, Alternatives now presents its first annual undergraduate directory.

Fish Fight - Helen Baulch
Alien salmon in Lake Huron keep anglers happy, but threaten native lake trout.

The Right to Bike - Elena Johnson
Southern Africans promote sustainable transportation for women and men.

Exam Time - Stephen Hazell
The five-year-old Canadian Environmental Assessment Act faces public review.

Dividing Highway - Anya Wassenberg
Local politiians are outraged by plans for federal hearings on proposed expressway through Hamilton Valley.

Sharon Beder's Global Spin 
John Elkington's Cannibals with Forks 
Jeffery Jacob's New Pioneers 
Mark Roseland's Toward Sustainable Communities

Harms' Way: Stand Aside Rubber Chicken - Dave Harms

Grand Manan/ Blue Box/ National Parks 25.4
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