Green Communities 22.2

Published: April 1996

Editorial: Greening Our Communities - Mark Roseland

Greening the City: The Ecological and Human Dimensions of the City Can Be Part of Town Planning - Peter Newman

Making our cities more liveable entails making them both greener and more convivial, an opportunity to revitalize a rich tradition from the pre - modern era.
Inset: Intensification of the People or by the People? by Edmund P. Fowler

Healthy, Sustainable Communities: Concept, Fledgling Practice and Implications for Governance - Trevor Hancock

The well - being of the planet in the coming century will be decided to a significant degree by cities and their citizens.
Inset: Three Canadian Efforts to Link "Healthy" and "Sustainable" by Trevor Hancock
Inset: Two Proposals for Canadian Sustainable Communities by Robert Gibson

Ecology and Community Design: Lessons from Northern European Ecological Communities - Todd Saunders

Ten recommendations for community designers and others wishing to translate ecological community theory into practice.

Building a Better World, One Neighbourhood at a Time - Russell Mawby

Street Theatre and Certificate Programmes: Foundation Takes Innovative Approach to Urban Issues - Judy Oberlander

Successful Green Initiatives at Risk in Ontario - Stephen Bocking

Bike Choir Recycles Music for Transport Revolution - Michael Torreiter

Katrina Shields, In the Tiger's Mouth: An Empowerment Guide for Social Action 
Daryl Novak, ed., Working Group Guide 
Louise Ward-Whate and Joanne Mills, Discovering Your Community: A Cooperative Process for Planning Sustainability 
Joseph Bruchac and Michael Caduto, Keepers of Life 
Ontario Round Table on Environment and Economy, Sustainable Communities Resource Package

Green Communities Alternatives Journal 22.2
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