Green Humour: Laugh or Die 16.2

Published: June 1989

Editorial: Lighten up, eh - Eric Higgs and Robert Gibson

Seven Ways to Bring Humour to Your Environmental Group - Charles Varon

The Environmentalist as Dark Comedian - Peter Timmerman

Debate Rages Over Shocking Half Human/Half Animal Babies - William M. Glenn

Keeping up with the Joneses - Jeffrey Kohl

Red humour - Fikret Berkes

Bossin’s Home Remedy for Nuclear War - Bob Bossin

Cat got your tongue? - Mark Stabb

Anxious Beef - J.B. Nimble

Dancing in the dark - Jeff Rockburn

It’s a gas - David Harms

Basic Green - Arthur Black

Operation Mung Bean - Greg Michalenko

More Alternatives

Canadian, World, Tech Notes

Grilling the candidates: Environmentalists wrestle with competing strategies in election surveys - Ingrid Liepa

No forest is an island - Jeffrey Kohl

Environmental concerns fuel Baltic nationalism - Ingrid Liepa

Public pressure forces firm to scramble - Jeffrey Kohl

CBC becomes forest battleground - Ingrid Liepa


On Humour: Its Nature and Its Place in Modern Society - Michael Mulkay

Water and Free Trade: The Mulroney Government’s Agenda for Canada’s Most Precious Resource - Wendy R. Holm, ed.

The Acid Rain Controversy - James L. Regens and Robert W. Rycroft

How Nature Works: Regenerating Kinship with Planet Earth - Michael J. Cohen

Green Politics in Australia: Working Towards a Peaceful, Sustainable and Achievable Future - Drew Hutton, ed.

Podium: A pie in the face - Joe Sheridan

Green Humour: Laugh or Die Alternatives Journal 16.2
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