Green Jobs, Good Work 27.1

Published: January 2001

Good Work, Less Toil - ANDERS HAYDEN
The job-spend treadmill exhausts us and the planet. It's time to jump off.
Inset: One Step Forward, One Step Back

Working for Change - FIONA HEATH
The Working Centre helps people become more self-reliant and less dependent on wages.

Basic Income - SALLY LERNER
With the deepening uncertainties of globalization, the time has finally come for programs that give everyone a secure base for meaningful social participation.

Work in Progress - JENNIFER PENNEY
Major unions in Canada are pushing for a win-win scenario -- jobs and environment.
Inset: Following the Danes

Green and Growing - GARY GALLON
Environmental job numbers now rival those for the traditional sectors such as oil, chemicals and steel.

Thinking Out of the Blue Box - L. GALLANT AND D. TASCHEREAU
Community-based enterprises lead the way to meaninful jobs in an emerging green economy.

The Man Had No Useful Work - RABINDRANATH TAGORE
The Big Questions Alternatives asked four respected experts whether our society can deliver good work. This is what they said.

Just Transition - MAE BURROWS
Moving to a green economy will be more attractive when programs are designed to remove job loss fears, and focus on transition to a more sustainable future.

Resources for Green Work
Alternatives provides a sample of some of the many green work resources.

More Alternatives


Twelve years after the coke ovens of Sydney, Nova Scotia, were closed down, the city's residents are still living with 700,000 tonnes of toxic ooze.

An Italian journalist starts a worldwide movement to link the greens and the gastronomes.

Veggie Café - RYAN KENNEDY
The food at this U of T eatery is good in ethics as well as taste.

Canadian Graduate Environmental Studies Programs
Alternatives presents its third annual annotated graduate directory.


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The Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet by Richard Douthwaite, Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 1999.

Button Up - Ryan Kennedy

Green Jobs, Good Work 27.1
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