Green(TM) 18.3

Published: January 1992

Editorial: In search of the missing links - Robert Gibson

The Green Product Endorsement Controversy: Lessons from the Pollution Probe/Loblaws Experience - Gary Gallon

Inset: Beware of bogus green products

Inset: Other types of product support

Inset: Fundraising - the nightmare of the “politically correct” by Susanna Reid

Disagreeing on the Basics: Environmental Debates Reflect Competing World Views - Duncan M. Taylor

Canadian, World, Tech Notes

Harms’ Way: The growing carpool menace - Dave Harms

Zunis search for a sustainable future - Barry Sadler

Organic food producers unite - Samantha Albert

The sad saga of mad cow disease - Stuart Nurse

Weeding out the world’s environmental problems - Neil K. Guy and David Baerg

High level waste to go deep? - David Baerg

Quicksilver poisoned lakes - Neil K. Guy

Inset: Minimizing the risk of fresh fish consumption


Green Business: Hope or Hoax: Towards an Authentic Strategy for Restoring the Earth - Christopher Plant and Judith Plant, eds.
Home! A Bioregional Reader - Van Andruss, Christopher Plant, Judith Plant and Eleanor Wright, eds.
Toward a Transpersonal Ecology: Developing New Foundations for Environmentalism - Warwick Fox
International Environmental Policy: Emergence and Dimensions - Lynton Keith Caldwell
American Hegemony and World Oil - Simon Bromley
Environmental Resource Directory published - Public Focus
Global Sustainability: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography - Robert W. Merideth, Jr. and Laurie S.Z. Greenberg
Making a World of Difference: A Directory of Women in Canada Specializing in Global Issues published - the Women’s Directory Project
Radioactive Waste as a Social and Political Issue: A Bibliography - Frederick Frankena and Joann Koelln Frankena
Imperiled Planet: Restoring Our Endangered Ecosystems - E. Goldsmith, P. Bunyard, N. Hildyard, and P. McCully
Four Neotropical Rainforests by Alwyn Gentry, ed.

Podium: Justice in the greenhouse: Assigning blame for global warming - Ray Tomalty


Green (TM) Alternatives Journal 18.3