Heroes 39.6

Published: November 2013

Meet your new heroes.

Our Great Canadian Game Changers lineup includes trailblazing communities across the country; David Suzuki, Tzeporah Berman and Elizabeth May's own eco-heroes; and a small pile of stand-up scientists, organizers and thinkers who are rewriting the rules. 

Plus, don't miss: the fossil fuel divestment campaign spreading across Canadian university campuses, Earth Day Canada award winner profiles and Prime Minister Harper on trial for ecocide.

This issue also includes a free copy of our annual Canadian Environmental Education Guide, an overview of over 600 environmental programs and the schools that offer them, to help tomorrow's eco-heroes choose their path to saving the planet.

Read selected articles & web extras from this issue online.

Listen up: “It’s pretty intoxicating to think that you can change the world.” In this podcastSevern Cullis-Suzuki talks about the importance of youthful idealism – and issues a generational challenge to baby-boomers, and her famous dad describes how Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring shaped his career path. In the next episode, Elizabeth May and Tzeporah Berman talk about the women who energize their own environmentalism.

From the vaultThe Power List distills key – and sometimes controversial – lessons from Paulo Friere, Cesar Chavez, the anti-apartheid movement and other important figures and moments in history. Plus, check out our guide to taking action on environmental issues, including links to more reading material to get you started on your path to hero-dom.

There's lots more in print! Buy the issue for all of this, plus the Canadian Environmental Education Guide:

Letters to the Editor
Research Digest
In Brief: Neonicotinoids + Bitumen Leaks in Cold Lake


The Non-Stop Volunteer – Noelle Stapinsky
Dawn Deydey is one of Canada's most prolific purveyors of DIY sustainability. She'll even get your kids to love vegetables.

Buy Your Green Bonds – Daryn Caister
An interview with Tom Rand, one of the country's top thinkers, investors, trailblazers and green-tech advocates.
+ Bonus Video

Park Wranglers – Alexis Stoymenoff
The Lower Mainland Green Team shares its secrets to super-powered volunteer engagement.


Daring & Dedicated
Meet the scientists and organizers who are rewriting the rules.

Watershed Moments – Janet Kimantas
A timeline of Canada's environmental movement.

In Review
The Oil Man and the Sea, Arno Kopecky – reviewed by Gideon Forman
Aboriginal Power, Chris Henderson – reviewed by Ben Powless
Carbon 14: Climate is Culture, Royal Ontario Museum – reviewed by Grace Johnstone
+ Surface Tension Exhibition Review
+ The Trial of David Suzuki
TINY, directed by Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith – reviewed by Julie Bélanger

Natural – Robert Gibson
How would Mother Nature run the economy?

Here's what's online:

Full article available online
Research shows that the controversial pesticides used by corn, soy and canola farmers are having widespread, lethal impacts on birds, bees and entire ecosystems.
Full article available online
Unsung heroes like Hermann Scheer don’t simply call for a better, smarter and more sustainable way forward. They proliferate it.
Full article available online
Trends in new construction, curricula and food systems at universities across Canada are making smarter and more sustainable campuses.
A diverse group including artists, musicians, economists and policymakers explore the impact and future of climate change
Size does matter when trying to adopt a simpler lifestyle, according to this rousing documentary.