Ideas Worth Stealing 34.5-6

Published: November 2008

Number 5 – Education for the Planet (Special pullout!) This year's environmental education directory is bigger and better than ever -- 50 universities, 150 programs and lots more inspiring student-driven initiatives and ideas worth stealing. Check out what universities fit your educational goals and what creative student initiatives are worth stealing for your own school.

Number 6 – Lessons Worth Learning The European Union is the world leader in carbon trading mechanisms -- and offers plenty for Canada and the US to adapt as they develop their own schemes. Cuba in two short years has bolted past every country in the planet. And we stole the Neptis Foundation's amazing Metropolitan poster to show in our pages what else Europe has to teach North America.

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Letter From Pangnirtung (34.6) - Nedd Kenney

Greener on the Other Side (34.6) - James Meadowcroft
Seven environmental lessons from the European Union.

Shaping Our Urban Future (34.6) 
We can’t do much about historic evolution, but we can change our policies to drive urban areas into a less car-dependent state.

A Fine Act to Follow (34.6) - Jennifer Taylor, Julia Balabanowicz, Valerie Kitchell
When it comes to renewable energy, Germany is the undisputed leader.

Battling Gridlock (34.6) - E.A. Crawford, Rebecca Carnevale
Congestion fees are working in Europe and Asia, but it's questionable if they will succeed in car-crazy North America.

Viva La Revolución Energética (34.6) - Laurie Guevara-Stone
In two short years, energy-smart Cuba has bolted past every country on the planet.

 Getting Beyond the Bomb (34.6) - Stephen Bocking
The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich

Brain Mulch: In Search of Connections (34.6) - David Byrne

Spotlight on PhD Programs (34.5) 
8 universities that offer environmental education's highest honour.

Students Say... involves more than a degree.

Worldly Education (34.5) - Fraser Los
The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development is gathering steam.

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Ideas Worth Stealing 34.5-6