Lifecycles 39.1

Published: January 2013

Lifecycles explores the interconnectedness of, well, everything – from how we move food and waste around the world, to the ancient and fragile ecosystem of Canada's West Coast, plus ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build local resilience in the face of climate change.

Also check out Andrew Wong's interview with researcher/intrepid methane hunter Katey Walter Anthony in the Lifecycles podcast. Daryn Caister also interviewed photographer Jo-Anne McArthur and filmmaker Liz Marshall about The Ghosts in Our Machine and animal rights.

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Letters to the Editor: Reactions to the A\J Redesign.

In Brief: Green Screen, Cleaner Capitalism, Corporates on Climate, Dead Ahead, CO2 Now in 3-D + more.

Seeking Ocean Savers - Julie Bélanger
Q&A with Carl Safina, marine biologist from PBS' Saving the Ocean series.
+ Read Carl's blog posts for an inside look at Saving the Ocean.

Canned Heat - Julie Bélanger
Build your own zero-emission solar heater.
+ More DIY solar heater tutorials

The Other Dark Matter - David Waltner-Toews
In an exclusive preview from his forthcoming book, The Origin of Feces, David Waltner-Toews explores how the planet is being transformed by the way we feed our animals, where our food comes from and what we do with waste. We need to know our shit.

A Patch of Green - Jane Lister, Genevieve LeBaron & Peter Dauvergne
On the ground at the planet’s largest consumer goods trade fair, searching for evidence of sustainability.

Closed-Loop Cuisine - Elizabeth Claire Alberts
A new café in Melbourne, Australia, has raised the bar on what it means to be waste-free.


Andrew Nikiforuk's The Energy Matrix
ShackledForty years ago, a shrewd theologian saw how needing more energy created less freedom.

Robert Gibson's What's The Big Idea?
Debt: Tapped out consumers, bankrupt nations and our poor battered biosphere have much in common.

In Review

Fair Trade: A Human Journey by Éric St.-Pierre - Reviewed by Elizabeth Claire Alberts
Fury: Portraits of Turbulent Skies Canadian Museum of Nature - Reviewed by Grace Johnstone
As Above, So Below Directed by Sarah J. Christman - Reviewed by Eric Rumble
Thinking Big, Building Small, Marianne Brandis - Reviewed by Tamara Harbar

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Full article available online
Methane gas, at least 25 times more potent than CO2, has exploded onto the climate change scene. Read about climate change's impact on our poles and watch methane fireballs in action.
Full article available online
A six-pack of decentralized water management systems­ that deal with climate change turmoil by building local resilience.
Full article available online
Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur bears witness to the journey from pig to pork in her documentary photography project, We Animals.