Lifecycles (Issue 39.1)

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Podcast for: Lifecycles 39.1

The Lifecycles issue looks at the interconnectedness of, well, everything. This podcast expands on two articles from the magazine: Rising Giant, about how methane gas has "exploded" onto the climate change scene, and Mercy Me, a photographic look at the journey from pig to pork.

A\J intern Andrew Wong interviewed Dr. Katey Walter Anthony on methane gas release in the arctic. Be sure to check out the companion video on our website to see what happens when methane meets fire. (3:06)



Daryn Caister of the Green Majority interviewed photographer Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals and filmmaker Liz Marshall about their project The Ghosts in Our Machine and animal rights. We've got some of Jo-Anne's photos in Lifecycles. (16:01)