Making Sense of the Ecosystem Approach 20.3

Published: July 1994

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Editorial: The end of the world as we know it - Robert Gibson

Visions of Nature and Society: A History of the Ecosystem Concept - Stephen Bocking

Non-Human Nature and the Ecosystem Approach: The Limits of Anthropocentrism in Great Lakes Management - Anne Bell

Disharmony in the Great Lakes Basin: Institutional Jurisdictions Frustrate the Ecosystem Approach - Lynton Keith Caldwell

Embracing Complexity: The Challenge of the Ecosystem Approach - James J. Kay and Eric Schneider

Canadian, World, Technology Notes

Harms’ Way: When Irish Lice Are Smiling… - Dave Harms

Port Elgin saves water and dollars - Matthew Ferguson
Inset: Metering leads to better electricity conservation by Martin Oosterveld

Researchers spot few leopard frogs - Rhylin Arkinstall

Pesticide implicated in owl decline - Rhylin Arkinstall

Liberals decide to halt ski hill expansion at Sunshine - Mark Lindberg

Patenting of human material postponed - Katherine Hay

Neem patent protested - Tibi Clarke

In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations - Jerry Mander
Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology - Neil Postman
Technology and Choice - Marcel C. Lafolette and Jeffrey K. Stine, eds.
Under RAPs: Towards Grassroots Ecological Democracy in the Great Lakes Basin - John H. Hartig and Michael A. Zarull, eds.
Ecology and the Politics of Scarcity Revisited: The Unraveling of the American Dream - William Ophuls and A. Stephen Boyan Jr.

Podium: On Mallard Tails and Blueberry Trails - Mike Morris
Inset: Sitting here in paradise by Caitlin Hicks

Making Sense of the Ecosystem Approach Alternatives Journal 20.3