Measuring Progress and Building Heritage 33.2-3

Published: April 2007

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Counting money is easy – but how do we place a value on a healthy body, a vibrant neighbourhood or a flourishing environment? Measuring Progress goes beyond the GDP to explore ways of measuring our ecological and social assets.

A healthy environment requires healthy cities. By conserving the architectural heritage of the built environment, we also conserve natural resources, prevent urban sprawl and provide appealing spaces for urban residents. Building Heritage explores these issues while drawing inspiration from the past.

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Science Desk - Nicola Ross 

Economic Confusion

Letter from Haliburton - Louise Berry
A Fallen Maple

Reusing Cities - Marc Denhez
We have reuse policies for beer bottles, so why not for buildings, neighbourhoods and entire cities?

Rehab It - Rodney Wilts
Making the most of existing resources.

Borrowed from Barns and Churches - Sheryl Boyle
Retrieving good design principles from early industrial architecture.

Heritage in the 'Burbs - Edmund P. Fowler
How to make suburbs a lasting legacy.

Modern Babylon - Eric Higgs, Valentin Schaefer
City parks can be celebrated treasures, but the real trick is to integrate ecological heritage into urban life.

Precisely Incorrect - Joachim H. Spangenberg
Favoured by most economists, the GDP makes clear-cut prognoses that have only a loose connection to reality.

Resist Blind Faith in Statistics - Rafael Ziegler
Sustainability measurements are needed to assist government authorities and help citizens hold governments accountable.

Adding + Subtracting - Nathan Cardinal
Even its creator knew the GDP measured quantity, not quality. 

Deluding Ourselves - William E. Rees
What we need is a good dose of realism.

Thomas Berger's Unfinished Revolution - Stephen Bocking

Reviews: Planet U & Gaining Ground - David A. Galbraith, Fraser Lose

Beautiful, Functional and Frugal - Ursula Franklin

Publication of this issue was made possible by The Gosling Foundation; The Salamander Foundation; and the support from our many subscribers. We acknowledge the financial support of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (; EJLB Foundation; Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation; The McLean Foundation; Ontario Media Development Corporation; Ontario Trillium Foundation; Ontario Work Study Plan. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) of the Department of Canadian Heritage toward our project costs. The support of the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo and the Waterloo Environmental Studies Endowment Foundation is appreciated.'

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Measuring Progress and Building Heritage 33.2-3
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