Special: Green Energy Panel Discussion

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Podcast for: New Energy 36.1

Do you wonder why everyone doesn't use CF light bulbs?

Does green energy's slow progress dumbfound you?

Are you curious about why it's so difficult to get Canadians to adopt energy efficiency measures?

To find out why, Alternatives Journal invited energy experts from government, academia, industry and science to join a panel discussion.

Joining Alternatives Executive Editor Nicola Ross at the Sustainability Network in Toronto were:
Peter Love, Ontario's first Chief Energy Conservation Officer,
recently formed a consultancy firm to foster culture change as part of
his commitment to advancing sustainability.

Leonard Diplock, graduate of University of Oxford and University of
Toronto, is currently the Vice President of Corporate Strategy at
Direct Energy, Centrica North America.

Stephen Hill teaches Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent
University where he focuses on understanding policies and actions for
preventing climate change.

Sarah Thorne is a founding partner of Decision Partners and President
of the company's Canadian entity, Thorne Butte, part of an
international team of management professionals and scientists.