The Next Industrial Revolution 26.1

Published: January 2000

Editorial: From Paris to Hanover - Steven Peck

Pushing the Revolution - S.W. PECK & R.B. GIBSON
Leading companies are seeking new competitive advantage through eco-efficiency and broader sustainability initiatives.
Inset: The Natural Step's Four System Conditions
Inset: The Hannover Principles

Industry Redesigned
Alternatives' poster guide shows a future industrial ecosystem.

The Gurus Speak
Alternatives asks William A. McDonough, Paul Hawken, Ray C. Anderson and Art Hanson where the next industrial revolution will take us.

It's Not Waste Until It's Wasted - RAYMOND P.
Côté Industrial Ecology is promising to turn industrial parks into loops of production, reuse and recycling.
Inset: The Burnside Experiment by RAY TOMALTY
Inset: Design for Environment by J. ROLLEFSON & S.B. YOUNG

Resources for the Next Industrial Revolution
Alternatives' resource list gives a sampling of some of the many web sites and listservs on industrial redesign.

Doing Less With Less - JENNY FOSTER
The Ontario provincial government's environmental streamlining has weakened the Niagara Escarpment Commission's ability to protect one of Canada's natural treasures.

Let the People Speak - TAMARA HERMAN
International coalitions aim to break into global trade negotiations.

The Green Housing Effect - OLIVIA DUPUIS
McGill's Macdonald Campus experiments with ecological living in a heavily renovated student residence.

First Nations and Last Species - LEANNE SIMPSON
The federal government's proposals for a Species At Risk Act continue to ignore Native people and their ecological knowledge.

Canadian Graduate Environmental Studies Programmes
ESAC and Alternatives present the second annual directory.


Voluntary Initiatives: The New Politics of Corporate Greening by Robert B. Gibson, ed., Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press, 1999.
Eco-Wars: Political Campaigns and Social Movements by Ronald T. Libby, New York: Columbia University Press, 1998.
Inuit Whaling and Sustainability by Milton Freeman, et al., eds., Walnut Creek, California, AltaMira Press, 1998.

The Edible Millennium by Erik Jon Spigel

The Next Industrial Revolution 26.1
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