Out of the Box 34.1

Published: January 2008

We’re gambling that several of the smart, candid and passionate articles in this thought-provoking issue will give you at least a few “aha, I never thought about it that way” moments. To see for yourself, push up your sleeves, grab a cuppa holiday cheer and read one of the articles you can download for free.

Choose from Wayne Robert’s delightful description of edible insects, Douglas Vincent's ponderings on the difficulty of sustainable choices, Brendon Larson’s controversial take on invasive species or Lawson Hunter’s love affair with a green tax shift.

If we’re right, and you’re left pondering what you’ve just read, order the issue or subscribe to Alternatives today for more ideas that will propel us toward a sustainable future.

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Get Into the Game - Shawn Bell

Burial Out of the Box - Janet McCausland

Hip Hopping Mad - Claudia Sara De Simone

Taboo of the Sacred - Jarmo Jalava
Scientists need not fear "reverence" for the natural world.

Faulty Towers - Edmund P. Fowler
Contrary to popular belief, highrises are not the answer for higher density living.
+ Koyaanisqatsi clips of Pruitt-Igoe public housing project destruction in Missouri (Youtube)

We Have Ways to Make You Green... - Tom Bird
Five secrets of successful social marketing.

Harry Potter and the Nature of Death - Fraser Los
Maturity, mystique and most of all mortality dominate this wildly popular septet.

An Enduring Legacy - Ray Tomalty
Our Common Future is as salient today as it was 20 years ago.

Review: Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic by Armstrong, Guy Dauncey and Anee Wordsworth
Reviewed by
 Lingda Pim

Brain Mulch: Completely Undifferent Gift Ideas - Peter Stock

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Out of the Box 34.1
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