Out of the Woods 30.3

Published: April 2004

Editorial: Branching Out

Carbon Sinks, Forest Rises - Nicola Ross
Many environmentalists did not want forests included as "carbon sinks" in the Kyoto Protocol. Now those provisions are being used to promote forest conservation.
Poor vs Poor in Nicaragua's Forests

Desperately Seeking Certified - Trevor Wickham
Finding sustainably harvested wood is still a challenge.
Harry Potter and the Order of Green Paper Erin Rogozinski

Equity in the Woods - Maureen G. Reed
The concerns of women in forestry communities are often ignored in environmental and social planning.

14 Threats to the Urban Forest - David Ward
A healthy urban forest benefits us all.

Setting the Standard
Alternatives interviews Martin von Mirbach on the Forest Stewardship Council's new guidelines for good logging practices in the boreal forest.

Under the Canopy - Avery Ascher
The gathering of mushrooms, berries and other forest materials is becoming a billion-dollar industry.

For the Record - Susan Holtz
Few believed nuclear was as cheap as promoters claimed.

Science Desk - Liann Bobechko and Steve Stockton
New models to protect lions and tigers.

Letter from Tehran - Stephan Fuller
The journey through Iran was full of personal lessons.

The Return of King Coal - David Thomas
The mining industry isn't finished with Fernie, BC.

The Prodigal Butterfly - Briony Penn
As butterflies go extinct species by species in the Georgia Basin, the story of the island marble gives some hope.


Tangled Routes - Deborah Barndt
Bringing the Food Economy Home - Helena Norberg-Hodge, et al.
Secret Ingredients - Stuart Laidlaw
Rivers for Life - Sandra Postel and Brian Richter
Ecology Against Capitalism -John Bellamy Foster
The Environmentalism of the Poor - Joan Martinez-Alier
At the Edge: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century - Ann Dale

Off the beat - Nathan Fahey

On the Shelf - Greg Michalenko
David Arora's venerable "hip pocket guide" to western mushrooms offers clear identification and a lot of soul.

Goodbye Tooker - and Thanks - Greg Michalenko
Alternatives remembers our long-time friend and columnist Tooker Gomberg.


Brain Mulch - Ryan D. Kennedy
Looking for love in all the green places.

Out of the Woods 30.3