Planet Youth 24.3

Published: July 1998

Editorial: The Narnia of Environmentalism - Francis Paul

Times They Are a' Changin' - L. Geggie And J. Fairholm
A new wave of youth activism promises a broader approach to social change.
Inset: Eleven Steps for Change by L. Geggie And J. Fairholm
Inset: Street Youth Become Urban Farmers in Rosario, Argentina by M. Rodriguez And M. Paoletti
Inset: ... and in Vancouver, Canada by Estelle Taylor
Inset: Partnerships for Ending the Nuclear Age by B. Oliver And C. Llorens
Inset: Un Juste Café Brings Fair Trade Coffee to Montréal by Sara Teitelbaum
Inset: Younger Youth Take the Lead in Whitehorse by Ilona Dougherty

Youth Environmental Groups and Related Resources
An Alternatives pocket guide

PIRG Power - K. Farbridge And P. Cameron
Public Interest Research Groups in Canada celebrate 25 years of student activism.
Inset: Young Folks for Old Growth by Mike Buckthought

The Cap Pelé Model - D. Pruneau, O. Chouinard & C. Arsenault
In an Acadian village, an environmental education programme gives young and old a sense of place.
Inset: Cap Pelé Children and Elders Take a New Kind of Field Trip
Inset: Indicating a Change in Senegal by Souleymane Diop

Native Trees - Estelle Taylor
Court decisions recognize aboriginal title to Canadian forests.

From Tide to Trickle - Katie Edwards
New Brunswick authorities reopen causeway gates in a controversial attempt to revive the Petitcodiac River.

Scientists Ponder Project Purple - Craig Dale
University of Guelph experts chew over programme to control purple loosestrife with imported insects.

Commentary: Seeking Justice for All - Jacinda Fairholm

Herman Daly, Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development 
Patrick Condon, ed., Sustainable Urban Landscapes: The Surrey Design Charrette

Harms' Way: Endangered Eco-Freaks - Dave Harms

Planet Youth Alternatives Journal 24.3
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