Regulatory Initiatives and the Environment 20.4

Published: October 1994

Editorial: At the limits of the regulated market - by Robert Gibson

Keeping the Zero in Zero Discharge: Phasing Out Persistent Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes Basin - Paul Muldoon and John Jackson

Subtle Effects: Requiring Economic Assessments in the Environmental Choice Programme - David S. Cohen

Who Pays for Past Sins? Policy Issues Surrounding Contaminated Site Remediation in Canada - Glenna Ford, Doug Macdonald and Mark Winfield

Canadian, World, Technology Notes

Saskatchewan citizens disillusioned by uranium mine approvals - Dan Berman

Dene doubting diamonds - James Sturcke

Farmers and consumers unite in community shared agriculture - Lisa Ferris and Birch Behmann
Inset: Maritimers eat locally, think globally by Lisa Ferris

Keeping secrets at the World Bank - Katherine Hay

Inset: Going beyond criticism by Hillary F. French

Renewed debate surfaces around Human Genome Project - Erik Lindala
Inset: Genetic screening poses social impact concerns


Environment on Trial: A Guide to Ontario Environmental Law and Policy (3rd ed.) - David Estrin and John Swaigen, eds.
Genetic Resources: A Practical Guide to Their Conservation - Daniel Querol
Water: An International Crisis - Robin Clarke
Toxic Nation: The Fight to Save Our Communities from Chemical Contamination - Fred Setterberg and Lonny Shavelson
Garbage Gate: Giants of Garbage - Harold Crooks
Building Cities that Work - Edmund P. Fowler
Passive Solar Buildings - J. Douglas Balcomb, ed.
Taming the Great South Land - William J. Lines
Conversations with Arne Naess: Is it Painful to Think? - David Rothenberg
Beginning Again: People and Nature in the New Millennium - David Ehrenfeld
Pioneers of Change: Experiments in Creating a Humane Society - Jeremy Seabrook
Sealing Fate: Seals and Canada’s Fishing Crisis - International Marine Mammal Association

Podium: Frustrated R Us: Parenting in the environmental era - Jamie Linton


Regulatory Initiatives and the Environment Alternatives Journal 20.4