Rescuing International Aid 32.2

Published: April 2006

Informed participation in open, accountable and effective governance: that’s a pretty good working definition of development. Governments have been using foreign aid for many purposes over the decades, and their first purpose is not always development or alleviation of poverty, as Ian Smillie points out in this issue of Alternatives.

Editorial:Aid that Empowers

Promises to Keep - Ian Smillie
Aid donors need to return to the basics of health, education, water and sanitation to address the most dangerous threat of our time – poverty.

Africa’s Race Against Time
The need is urgent, but Stephen Lewis provides clear solutions that could have an immediate and lasting impact on Africa’s future.

Money, Media and Death - Caitlin Bjorseth and Erika Dickenson

Lessons from the Epicentre- Craig Johnson
Early warnings and immediate assistance are crucial when natural disasters strike, but donors need to look beyond the immediate relief period to provide meaningful aid.

Early Warning that Worked- Mary O’Neill

Science Desk -Steve Stockton
The ghost of DDT reappears in oceans.

Letter from Kitchener-Waterloo - Tom Bird
The EnerGuide program fits Harper’s criteria for an accountable, science-based, made-in-Canada approach to climate change. Harper scrapped it.

Big Business on Campus - Stephen Bocking
The industrial presence at universities can muddy research – only with scrutiny can corporations have a positive role.

Majoring in Organics - Paul Henderson
North America’s first and only degree program in organic agriculture models a holistic future for farming.


Empowering Squatter Citizen - D. Mitlin and Satterwaite, eds
Shadow Cities - R. Neuwirth
Garbage Land - Elizabeth Royte
Cities, Culture and Granite - Edmund P. Fowler

Measuring Up - Ryan D. Kennedy
Ryan considers what values exist in measuring things – from ambient temperature to Gross National Happiness.

Alternatives Journal 32.2
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