Restoration and Community 25.2

Published: April 1999

Editorial: Restoring What Was, Attacking What Is - Bob Gibson

Beyond Repair - Donna Havinga
Ecological restoration is as much about transforming values and practices as about repairing damaged ecosystems.
Inset: The Transformation of Sudbury by Nigel Richardson
Inset: Restoration as Healing by Solomon Boyé

Eight Questions for Ecological Restorationists - Stephen Murphy
Even the tidy little technical jobs in restoration ecology involve difficult questions of art, science and ethics.

Trail-blazing in False Creek - Don Alexander and Hilda Mckenzie
Building a heritage pathway is one way to link community, history and ecology.
Inset: Possible Route for a False Creek
Inset: Heritage Trail
Inset: Design Aspects
Inset: Current Status

Working Art -Regenerating urban ecosystems with public art.

The Bear in the Kitchen - Eric Higgs
Ecological restoration in Jasper Park raises questions about wilderness in the Disney age.

Voters Still Green - Sue Bailey
But the environment is not on governments' agendas.

Once and Future Creeks - Zita Botelho
Plans for stream daylighting promise resurrection of Vancouver waterways.

What is Organic? - Brenda Inouye
Agribusiness wants Canadian and US agencies to weaken organic standards.

Blood and Oil - Tamara Herman
Shooting deaths of young Nigerian activists are linked to Chevron Corporation.

Ironing Out Warming Wrinkles - Helen Baulch
Fertilizing the oceans with iron could help block climate change ­ or it could make things worse.

Reclaimation Art - Thomas Heyd
Robert Morris' Untitled Johnson Pit #30 reclaimed an industrially blasted landscape without forgiving it..

Leeks, Racing Pigeons and Valley of the Bears - Briony Penn
Museums can be tools for community education on restoration.

Environmental Change and Challenge: A Canadian Perspective - Philip Dearnden and Bruce Mitchell

About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory - Barry Lopez

The Water Crisis: Constructing Solutions to Freshwater Pollution - Julie Stauffer

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