Smart Growth 29.3

Published: July 2003

Editorial: What’s the Buzz?

Living It Up - Deborah Curran & Ray Tomalty
The wide range of support for smart growth in Canada promises more
livable towns and cities.

Smart Growth Principles - Linda Pim & Joel Ornoy

Three Ways We Subsidize Sprawl - Enid Slack

Don’t Touch My Property - Deborah Curran

New Urbanism Stalls Without Public Transit - Nicola Ross

Quebec Village Designed for Train Commuters - Alexandra Jozsa

Hong Kong Is the Model for High Density - Richard Gilbert

Collaborative Design Yields Green Suburb - Patrick Condon & Shana Johnstone

Big Box Battle - Ben Bennett
Guelph’s citizens favour community values and smaller developments,
but they are up against powerful forces.

BC Farmland Reserve Blocks Sprawl - Shane Simpson

Moraine Boundaries Will Slow Toronto Sprawl - Debbe Crandall

Breaking the Suburban Habit - John Sewell
The right incentives for developers could transform suburban sprawl
into more affordable, diverse and healthy neighbourhoods.

Untax Buildings, Uptax Land - Frank de Jong

One Smart Card, One Less Car - Bonnie Fenton

Thinking Like a Region - Mark Hornell & Lyle Walker

Smarter Growth in a Smaller City - Christine Callihoo & Eric Kowalski

The Nearly Perfect Official Plan - David Donnelly

High Tech Hopes  - Ryan McNally
New transportation technologies may reduce vehicle emissions only

Plus Canadian News, Global News, Campaigns, Research Findings

Science Desk - Denyse O’Leary
Worm sex change; radioactive bird droppings

Letter from Vancouver - Spring Gillard
City Farmer celebrates its 25th anniversary with a squawk and a cluck.

Who’s Who - Paul Bobier
Test your knowledge of some of the best-known personalities in the
history of Canadian environmentalism.

Double Take  - Charles Dobson

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
The SARS outbreak demonstrates our vulnerability to nature’s

A Cautionary Tale - Don Gayton
Single-minded efforts to manage nature are confounded by the
complexity of ecosystems.

Feds Cod Napping - Janice Harvey
Federal fisheries mismanagement demands a public inquiry.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Jennifer Clapp & Thomas Princen
Cross-border traffic in waste obscures the problem of consumption.


Blue Gold - Maude Barlow & Tony Clarke
Cruise Ship Blues - Ross A. Klein
Coffee with Pleasure - Laure Waridel
In Nature’s Name - Barbara T. Gates, ed.
Nature's Perfect Food: How Milk Became America's Drink - E. Melanie DuPuis
Ecological Planning: A Historical and Comparative Synthesis - Forster Ndubisi
Preserving Wildlife: An International Perspective - Mark A. Michael (ed).
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Alternatives remembers Gary Gallon – long-time author, advisor and

Brain Mulch - Ryan D. Kennedy
First day of school nightmares return.

Smart Growth 29.3