Something Fishy 27.4

Published: October 2001

Editorial: No Fish, Two Tories - Robert Gibson

From Jigging to Farming - Dean Bavington
The destructive management principles that led to the collapse of the northern cod stocks are now being applied to the new aquaculture industry.
Inset: The Belated Discovery of Cod Diversity
Inset: Principles of Ecological Aquaculture

Looking for Loopholes - Dayna N. Scott
Under the new climate change deal, Canada can use business-as-usual forestry to excuse continued greenhouse gas emissions.
Inset: Water Exports Could Sink Kyoto by Lewis Molot

Greening the Grid - Mary Jane Patterson
Defining what properly qualifies as green electricity should help responsible energy policy makers as well as hero customers.
Inset: Micropower Project Potential Blocked by Kelly Loverock
Inset: The Best Green Electricity Web Sites by Mary Jane Patterson

Yellowstone to Yukon - Jeff Gailus
Huge conservation initiative aims to maintain biological connectivity in the wild heart of North America.

More Alternatives

Frog Sleuths, West Nile Virus, Nova Scotia's Eco-Footprint, High School Chemist Exposé

Stir It Up - Tooker Gomberg
Looking to alternative media for the real story.

Reality Cheque - Brenda Donor
Looking at the uncharitable side of charity law.

Hot Green Websites - Kelly Loverock

The New Conquistadors - Gregory C. Jones
Trekkers on the Inca Trail threaten a priceless landscape.

Spreading It - Stuart Brothwell
"Flush and forget" leads to sewage sludge on farmers' fields.

Green Globalization - Polly Stupples
From emissions reduction to Third World debt, green parties unite on a charter to create a sustainable future.

Green Is Ripe in Canada - Robert Paehlke
The Green Party has a political opening and middle road appeal with "triple-bottom-line" sustainability.

Canadian Undergraduate Environmental Studies Programs.
A directory to connect students with environmental schools.

Pat Capponi's "The War at Home" - Sally Lerner
Lea L. Porter's "A Cambridge Journal" - Sally Lerner
Jean Swanson's "Poor-Bashing"- Sally Lerner
Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn's "Greening School Grounds" - Greg Michalenko
Terry Tobias' "Chief Kerry's Moose" - Greg Michalenko

Brain Mulch - Brenda Inouye and Ryan Kennedy
Shaking up board game rules.

Something Fishy 27.4
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