Sustainability and the Market 21.1

Published: January 1995

Equity and the Environment: Social Justice Today as a Prerequisite for Sustainability in the Future - James K. Boyce
Inset: LA Watchdog group challenges traditional solutions to environmental problems

The Social Cost of Sustainability: Distribution and Equity in Environmental Policy - Brenda Leith
Inset: An entrenched system blocks new economic initiatives by Aaron Schneider

Under Pressure: Distributive Ideals in the Market - Michael Milde
Inset: Exercising community control in the marketplace by Irene Novaczek
Inset: Small endeavours gain access to capital

Canadian, World, Technology Notes

Harms’ Way: Garden Party - Dave Harms

Ontario considers tough standard for trillium drinking water - Robert Gibson

Research indicates Southern Ontario under earthquake risk - Erik Lindala

Broad patents on basic crops cause alarm

Mary Pickering with Rural Advancement Foundation International

The Uncertain Promise of Law: Lessons from Bhopal by Jamie Cassels 
Global Accord: Environmental Challenges and International Responses by Nazli Chourcri, ed. 
From Land to Mouth: Understanding the Food System by Brewster Kneen 
Touch Wood: BC Forests at the Crossroads by Ken Drushka, Bob Nixon and Ray Travers, eds. 
Germany, Garbage and the Green Dot: Challenging the Throwaway Society by Bette K. Fishbein 
Parks and Protected Areas in Canada: Planning and Management by Philip Dearden and Rick Rollins, eds. 
Regarding Nature: Industrialism and Deep Ecology by Andrew McLaughlin 
Interpreting Nature: Cultural Constructions of the Environment by Ian G. Simmons

Podium: Foggy weather, clear logic: A morning spent with Glen Putman - Kevin Maher

Sustainability and the Market Alternatives Journal 21.1