Sustainability Taken Seriously 34.4

Published: July 2008

It's not that we don't know how to determine if a project is sustainable. More often it's that we fail to apply the tests that exist.

This issue of Alternatives describes the many ways that we can test the sustainability of a project, a product or a service. It features concrete examples of progress toward sustainable development, lending credibility to this highly overused and largely misunderstood term.

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Letter From Bhopal

Explicit sustainability tests are emerging to help ensure that new initiatives preserve ecosystems, maintain viable livelihoods and deliver quality-of-life gains.

Power of the People -  Don Mullin
A strong sense of place swayed the review panel to reject the Whites Point quarry proposal.

Legislating Sustainability - John Brazner
Nova Scotia's new law marries environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

Raising the Bar - Jode Roberts
Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.

Sustainability — The Very Idea! -  Kent A. Peacock

The Smallest Revolution -  Stephen Bocking
We need to learn more about nanomaterials before they get too far under our skin.

The Danger of Misinformation - Gordon McBean
The Deniers is so full of misinformation that it is impossible to list it all.

Review: Canada's Deadly Secret -  Petr Cizek
Canada's Deadly Secret by Jim Harding 

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Sustainability Taken Seriously Alternatives Journal 34.4
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