Sustaining Livelihoods 28.2

Published: April 2002

Editorial: No Silver Bullet Here

No Money, No Service - David A. MacDonald
South Africa’s attempts to recover service costs for water and power are harming its poorest citizens.
Inset: IDRC’s Municipal Services Project

Looking Beyond Johannesburg - George Francis
Real solutions to global problems will have to move from talk to action.

The Good Mothers - Mike Marcolongo
Romania’s HIV/AIDS activists are mostly poor mothers of thousands of children who contracted the disease due to poor medical practices under the Ceaucescu regime.

Piles of Poison - Jennifer Clapp
Despite NAFTA’s green promises, hazardous waste problems are deepening in Mexico.

Chalillo Chill - Kelly Loverock
Critics slam the dam that a Canadian company wants to build in Belize’s valley of the scarlet macaw.

See No Evil - Regan Reader
Despite a new law and new policies, Export Development Canada retains plenty of room to avoid careful environmental assessments and public scrutiny.

Starting With Stomachs - Dana Wilson
In Lima’s most impoverished neighbourhoods, communal kitchens are survival organizations.
Inset: Plotting Against Poverty - Janice Arnott

In Gandhi’s Footsteps - Geeta Vaidyanathan
Two unusual development organizations foster sustainable livelihoods in the villages of India.

More Alternatives

Super scooters, Environmental OECD rankings, Thai fish, Ocean wavemill

Reality Cheque - Janice Astbury
Looking at new areas of ecofunding.

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
Inspecting the Oak Ridges Moraine controversy.

Hot Green Websites - Kelly Loverock

Flin Flon Green-Up - Avery Ascher
Citizens are restoring a mine-blasted landscape.

Wiley Urbanites - Meghan Drew-McKinstry
Vancouverites learn to coexist with coyotes.

Pain in the Ear - Kelly Loverock
US Navy sonar system threatens whales.

Angling for Control - David McLaren
New Ontario legislation will give the hunting and fishing industry special privileges.

Green Eggs and Ham - Wayne Roberts
The often embraced environmental arguments against meat has more holes than Swiss cheese.

David Engwicht’s Street Reclaiming - Tooker Gomberg
Hugh Brody’s The Other Side of Eden - Tamara Levine

Kate Davies wants a more strategic approach in protecting children’s health.

Brain Mulch - Ryan Kennedy
Facing the personal pains of a YEPPIE’s first car purchase.

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