Treating Medicine 31.3

Published: July 2005

Editorial The Nature of Health

The Last Word - Stephen Bocking
Neil Arya interviews legendary epidemiologist John Last.

Ecosystem Health - John Howard
Prescribing a new vision for the future of medicine.

An Ounce of Prevention - Sarah Wakefield
Since the Industrial Revolution, public health has fostered healthy environments to prevent disease.

Greening Health Care - Neil Arya, Shannon-Melissa Dunlop and Jean Zigby
Hospitals are beginning to recognize their massive environmental impacts and to take steps toward greener management practices.

New School - Robert Woollard
Innovations in medical faculties will teach students to focus on the overall health of society and the environment.

Poverty Ted Schrecker - Denial Warren Bell
Two answers to the question: What is the most serious global health problem linked to environmental conditions?

Drugs and Bugs - Scott A. McEwen
The widespread use of antibiotics in agriculture may build resistant bacteria and affect our ability to treat human disease.

Zoonoses - D. Charron, D. Waltner-Toews, K. Butt, and A.R. Maarouf
Climate change affects the modes by which diseases are passed from animals to humans.

Science Desk - Liann Bobechko and Steve Stockton
Two kinds of fungi are being tested to combat malaria.

Letter from Ottawa - Michelle Meyer
Naturopathic medicine includes physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual objectives.

When the Boy Met the Bear - Simon Jackson
At age 13, Simon Jackson gave a voice to the endangered Spirit Bear in BC, and now they are off to Hollywood.

Alien Invasions - Justin Duncan
It’s back to the legal drawing board for Canadians who want to stop the spread of invasive species.


Reclaiming Public Water, edited- by Belén Balanyá et al.
Nature’s Experts - Stephen Bocking
Towards a Grand Sense of Place, edited by Gordon Nelson

On the Shelf
Jocelyn Brown’s One Good Outfit is a classic guide book to covert high-caloric schmoozing.

Brain Mulch - Ryan D. Kennedy
Ryan assesses the PBS decision to put Cookie Monster on a new diet.

Treating Medicine 31.3
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