Trusting the Tap 29.2

Published: April 2003

Water Privateers - Tony Clarke
International trade agreements and loan conditions are pushing the privatization of public water systems around the world.
Inset: Water Privatization Glossary - David A. McDonald
Inset: GATS Threat - Karl Flecker

Public Water - Ron Crawley
The Canadian Union of Public Employees has been leading the fight against the privatization of municipal water services in Canada.

Liquid Assets - Karen Bakker
How we provide water depends on whether we view water as a commodity or as a public good.
Inset: Water Pricing and the Poor - David A. McDonald

Trusting the Tap - Kathleen Cooper
One key lesson from the Walkerton and North Battleford tainted water tragedies is the need to protect our drinking water at the source.

Chlorine Conflict - Shirley Roburn
Residents of Erickson, BC, treasure their clean water and do not want it chlorinated.

Watershed Canaries - Chris Jones and Brian Craig
Aquatic insects, crustaceans, worms and molluscs are excellent indicators of early water quality changes.

Myth of Abundance - John B. Sprague
The common claim that Canada boasts the world’s largest supply of fresh water is false.

Against the Flow - David B. Brooks
A better response to the coming world water crisis is not expansion of supply, but less waste and fairer allocation.
Inset: Grey Water in Iqaluit
Inset: Urban Farmers Use Wastewater - Mark Redwood
Inset: Rooftop Water in Nepal - Gopal Nakarmi and Juerg Merz

Mandatory Co-operation - Jennifer Pedersen and Evan D.G. Fraser
Because water knows no political boundaries, water-sharing nations must work together.

Plus Canadian News, Global News, Campaigns, Research Findings

Science Desk - Denyse O’Leary
Lab accident links plastic chemical to reproductive disorders; climate change may weaken monsoon.

Letter from Yellowknife - Petr Cizek
Petr Cizek finds the diamond rush has made the “New North” a lot like the Old South.

Emissions Test - Paul Bobier
A quiz to check your greenhouse savvy.

Full Blast - Monty Ilan Kapoor
Noise invades our common spaces, to the detriment of our health and civic culture.

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
Stephen Bocking examines why most research on BC salmon farming explores business opportunities, not environmental effects.

Reality Cheque - Kathryn Townshend
The Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network shows where environmental funding goes in Canada.

Review essay: In Poor Health - Neil Arya

More reviews

Pollution in a Promised Land by Alon Tal
Judaism and Environmental Ethics by Martin D Yaffe
Anatomy of a Conflict by Terre Satterfield
Water Follies by Robert Glennon
Hot Green Web Sites

EXTRA reviews

Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World’s Water - Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke
Coffee with Pleasure: Just Java and World Trade - Laure Waridel
The Natural Step Story: Seeding a Quiet Revolution - Karl-Henrik Robèrt
The New Economy of Nature - Gretchen Daily and Katherine Ellison
Wolves and Human Communities: Biology, Politics, and Ethics - Virginia A. Sharpe, Bryan Norton, and Strachan Donnelley, eds.

A Modest Proposal - Albert Koehl
Albert Koehl vows to help make the world a safer place by buying an SUV.

Plus: Poster Pullout map of Canada’s Water Hot Spots.

Trusting the Tap 29.2
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