Waste Reduction and Social Change 19.2

Published: January 1993

Editorial: Waste and the final frontier - A. John Sinclair

Working with the Waste Pickers: Asian Approaches to Urban Solid Waste Management - Christine Furedy

Pulling in the Same Direction: Private Waste Stewardship and Municipal Waste Management Planning - Robert W. Fenton
Inset: The economics of garbage by John Calvert

Restructuring the Economy: A Look at the Implications of the Shift to Recycled Materials - David McRobert
Inset: Garbage transport derailed by Peter Davidson

Canadian, World, Technology Notes

Harms’ Way: There are strange things done… - Dave Harms

Micro hydroelectricity in Nepal - Stacey Curry and Shaligram Pokharel

The quest for a green journal - Susanna Reid

Eco-living in Sweden: Inspiration for Canadian consumers and developers - Angela Evans
Inset: Sewell Commission considers alternative septic systems by Anita Dubey

Environmentally sound buildings now within reach - Catherine Crucil

New Brunswick law brings back pop bottle debate - Lora Flaherty

Beyond the blue box - Lora Flaherty

Hospitals re-think disposables - Lawrie Groves
Inset: Managing biomedical wastes by Julie Stauffer

Community-based waste management in Halton Hills - Gillian Kranias

Removing barriers to government waste reduction requires political will - Ellen Schwartzel


No Safe Place: Toxic Wastes, Leukemia and Community Action by Phil Brown and Edwin J. Mikkelsen
Waste Management Inc.: An Encyclopedia of Environmental Crimes and Other Misdeeds by Greenpeace USA
Politics of Pollution: Why Canadians Are Failing Their Environment by Doug McDonald
Value Assumptions in Risk Assessment: A Case Study of the Alachlor Controversy by Conrad G. Brunk, Lawrence Haworth and Brenda Lee
Endangered Spaces Progress Report by The World Wildlife Fund
A Family Doctor’s Guide to Understanding and Preventing Cancer: Environmental Risks and Solutions by Dr. S.K. Kaura
The Global Citizen by Donella H. Meadows
Lithuania’s Environmental Problems by Amanda J. Banks
Seeds for Survival Video and Teaching Kit
Solar Industry Green Plan: A Call for Action by The Solar Energy Industries Association


Podium: This Passing show: Product aesthetics and the environment- Stuart Walker

Waste Reduction and Social Change Alternatives Journal 19.2
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