Water 37.1

Published: January 2011

In this issue, National-Geographic-quality photos accompany an article by Wade Davis, an ethnobotanist, author and environmental crusader who exposes our governments’ complicit destruction of BC’s sacred headwaters.

Robert Sandford and Merrell Ann-Phare wade in on the need for a new ethic if we are to protect this precious resource, and Isabel Slone muses about whether images of an oil-slicked Vogue Italia model clad in designer fashions exploits an environmental disaster or is social commentary? BC sustainability economist and agitator Mark Jaccard pens his first column, Sustainability Suspicions, and Robert Gibson’s commentary on truth, is undoubtedly his best column yet.

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Letters to the Editor: 37.1
Clayton Ruby on saving the seals, Ryan Katz-Rosene's dismay over Suncor ad …

In Brief: Big Foreheads Think Green The 2010 Thought Leader Survey on Sustainability.

In Brief: Spew, Dump, Emit, Count New online pollution tracker.

In Brief: Tar Enough Avatar maker James Cameron and tar sands.

Fountains of Youth - Jamie Linton
Resurrecting beaches and drinking fountains reflects a change in our relationship with water.
In the Abstract

A New Water Ethic - Merrell-Ann Phare, Robert Sandford
Three essential principles would ensure resilient water ecosystems in Canada.
Water as Poetics and Praxis

Fashion Statement - Isabel Slone
Vogue magazine’s depiction of oil-slick fashion represents environmental exploitation to some, but daring social commentary to others.

Sustainability Suspicions: The Case of Carbon Neutrality - Mark Jaccard
Buying your way to innocence sounds too good to be true. It probably is.

In Review: The Two Faces of Gaia - Kent A. Peacock
Anthill E.O. Wilson, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 378 pages, 2010.

In Review: Great Ants - Taarini Chopra
Resurrecting beaches and drinking fountains reflects a change in our relationship with water.
In the Abstract

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Water 37.1
Full article available online
For effective watershed management, step one is getting all affected parties to the table.
Full article available online
In a new POLIS report, Carol Maas explains how saving a kilowatt spares a litre.
Full article available online
Rather than protect Canada’s "Serengeti," the BC government has agreed to subsidize industrial development with Canadian taxpayer funds slated for environmental initiatives.
Full article available online
Canadian vintners are turning over a new leaf, producing great wine that happens to be sustainable.
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