Water 40.5

Published: December 2014

In these times of climate change, with unexpected floods and drought, this issue shows how important it is to take care of our freshwater and marine resources. A\J travels from coast to coast to coast to examine fresh- and salt-water initiatives that are making waves and inspiring change in our resource-blessed country and beyond.

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Some of the highlights:

  • Andrew Reeves' exploration of the Asian carp invasion threatening the Great Lakes
  • Lisa Szabo-Jones’s breathtaking photo essay portraying the hidden beauty of salt marshes, those places “between the tides.”
  • A look at the latest efforts to harness the Bay of Fundy’s magnum tidal power.
  • A proposal for an Arctic Sanctuary to protect against oil drilling.
  • Spotlights on Earth Day Canada’s Hometown Hero award winners.

Table of contents

Full article available online
New hope for harnessing tidal power from Nova Scotia’s famous natural spectacle.
Reliable understanding does not always require lab coats, calculus and controlled conditions.
Full article available online
High concentrations of methane plumes found rising from the floor of the East Siberian Arctic Ocean and along the US Atlantic Coast.

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