Work, Part 2 (Issue 35.6)

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Podcast for: Work 35.6

Intro: 00m00 - 03m04

Sierra Club of Canada Executive Director Stephen Hazell says that despite government inaction, Canada's environmental job market is growing 60 per cent faster than employment in the overall economy. (03m05 - 24m06, dur, 21m)

Universal social income, guaranteed annual income, basic income guarantee, citizen's income – call it what you will, Sally Lerner says that a no-stigma, no-strings-attached, baby-bonus-style guaranteed salary for all would revolutionize how we work. (24m22 - 42m48, dur. 18m25)

Ecological economist Mark Anielski asks, "If all the money in the world won't buy happiness, then why are we working so hard?" (42m56 - 1h05m06, dur 22m49)