Zero Waste 32.1

Published: January 2006

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Editorial:Take It Down to Zero

Hope in Wasteland - Helen Spiegelman
A radical but reachable departure from current practice will put product waste back in the hands of producers, and allow cities to follow their zero-waste dreams.

Practical Tools for Zero Waste - Raymond Gaudart
One small Canadian community is using common sense measures and financial incentives to eliminate waste by design.

Zero Waste Wins - Paul Connett
It’s not just better for the environment, it’s better for the local economy. Ask Nova Scotia.

A World of Trash - Kate Parizeau
From Canada to Cambodia, waste is a common problem with common solutions.

Lighten Up- Robert Paehlke
Dematerializing everyday life is easier than you would think, and smaller footprints bring bigger benefits.

Accounting for Waste - Jennifer Lynes
Holistic waste audits help to reduce waste, increase awareness, and boost employee and customer loyalty.

Waste Milestones in Canada - Helen Spiegelman
The good, the bad and the incremental changes since Alternatives’ last waste issue over a decade ago.

Bottom Line - Katherine Barrett
The best way to divert disposable diapers from the waste stream is not to use them, and thankfully cloth technology is more sophisticated than ever.

Science Desk - Liann Bobechko and Steve Stockton
Bats recently identified as natural reservoir for SARS and other viral diseases; New evidence indicates narwhal tusk can detect minute temperature changes in its Arctic habitat.

Letter from St. John’s - Dean Bavington
Fishers and scientists need to reconcile competing claims on cod.

Coca Crunch - Anastasia Moloney
A Colombian moth that feeds exclusively on coca leaves might eliminate the need for herbicides in the war on drugs.

Charge Ahead - Brendan Sainsbury
London’s fee for driving in the city centre raises money, reduces traffic – and is a model for Canadian cities.


Garbage in the Cities, Martin V. Melosi - Power Play, Sharon Beder
Hydro - Jamie Swift and Keith Stewart

Velo-city - Chris Hardwicke
New cycling infrastructure shapes a sparkling vision for people-powered transportion.

Alternatives Journal 32.1
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