A\J Heroes issue cover. Dawn Deydey the non-stop volunteer
Learn about the women who inspire Elizabeth May and Tzeporah Berman. Unlike the big-name environmentalists of the last few decades, these eco-heroes have huge impacts without the fame and funding of big NGOs.
A\J Heroes issue cover. Dawn Deydey the non-stop volunteer
At COP19, A\J's Andrew Wong interviewed Carlie Labaria, Phillipines; Sebastian Duyck, Switzerland; Ruth Nyambura, Kenya; Elvin Flaco, Panama; Sochea Pheap, Cambodia; and Lakpa Sherpa, Nepal.
A\J Heroes issue cover. Dawn Deydey the non-stop volunteer
Two Suzukis in one podcast! David Suzuki shares stories about his environmental heroes and daughter Severn Cullis-Suzuki talks about youthful idealism and issues a challenge to baby-boomers.
A\J Night issue cover. Solar flares.
How were residents impacted by the relocation (and destruction) of villages to build the St. Lawrence Seaway? Why is environmental art so important in Canada today? Will people ever care as much about bats dying off as they do about bees? What’s the role of traditional knowledge in conservation projects in Guyana? These four very different questions are all answered by Louis Helbig and Burton Lim in this edition of the A\J Podcast.
A\J Night issue cover. Solar flares.
Daryn Caister interviews Rob Thacker on ALMA telescope, the Drake Equation and why we need to take care of our planet.
Listen in to learn what it’s like to be in the ocean at night, how to manage your carbon footprint and more tips for a sustainable lifestyle from Rob Stewart, director of Revolution.
Food & Drink 39.4 A\J AlternativesJournal.ca
In this issue's podcast you’ll learn that the Canadian government doesn’t care about organic food or healthy drinking water. Taarini Chopra explains how GM alfalfa could impact the organic food system and author Chris Wood talks about Canada's failure to protect our water resources.
Art & Media 39.3
Daryn Caister interviewed author Giles Slade and artist Franke James. Excerpts of each of their new books are featured in the May/June 2013 issue of A\J.
Greenbelts 39.2
In the second podcast for the Greenbelts issue, we talk to Highrise documentarian Katerina Cizek and Earth Day Canada encourages us to Act for the Planet this Earth Month.
Greenbelts 39.2
The first Greenbelts edition of the A\J podcast features favourite memories of greenbelts around the world, and interviews with Ray Tomalty and Liana Geidezis on greenbelts in Québec and across central Europe.
methane unleashed climate change A\J AlternativesJournal.ca
The Lifecycles issue looks at the interconnectedness of, well, everything. This podcast expands on two articles from the magazine: Rising Giant, about how methane gas has "exploded" onto the climate change scene, and Mercy Me, a photographic look at the journey from pig to pork.
Education 38.6
What is Gordie Wornoff’s worst environmental sin? How can messages of environmental justice be properly communicated? And why should southern Ontario residents be worried about current pipeline proposals? Find out on this episode of the A\J podcast.
To go with our hardest-hitting issue yet, the In Defence of Science podcast features frank interviews and discussion on the state of science in Canada. Listen to the A\J podcast to see why Jay Ingram thinks said state is ridiculous and Dr. David Schindler calls it detestable.
Ecotourism 38.4
Interviews with Joe Pavelka and discussions on how to be a better ecotourist.
Art & Media 38.3
Interviews with Justin Langlois from Broken City Lab, Iain Baxter from the School of Visual Arts at the University of Windsor, and Nicole Rycroft from Canopy.
Green Buildings 38.2
The latest episode of the Alternatives Podcasts looks at green buildings and features interviews with Steve Carpenter of Enermodal Engineering, Andre Roy and Stephen Svenson.
Inside Forestry 38.1
Interviews with Jeff Gailus, Tenille Bonoguore, and Will Turner.
40th Anniversary Issue 37.6
Special podcast celebrating 40 years of Alternatives Journal. Interviews with Bob Paehlke, Andrew Nikiforuk, Ken Ogilvie and Nicola Ross.
Alternatives Journal 37.5
We discuss environmental education and energy with environmental activist Dr. Sandra Steingraber and hemp hero Greg Herriot.
Alternatives Journal 37.4
Sarah Harmer, Greg Brown, and the story of Greenpeace's Amchitka CD.
Water 37.1
Protecting our Sacred Headwaters, making water-smart beer, public water and "Bulls%&t!"
Biodiversity 36.6
A biodiversity primer, Mark Brooks reviews "Prosperity Without Growth" and Bob Gibson's "What's the Big Idea" Commentary on Substitution.
Innovations in Education 36.5
Kate Davies on Sustainable Literacy and the need to move our education system away from vocational training to environmental awareness
Out of the Box 36.4
The mystery of the missing environmentalist, old-school weather forecasting in Kenya and reusing building materials. (75:22)
New Eco Books 36.3
Alternatives' Editor-in-Chief Nicola Ross talks literature and the environment with Margaret Atwood. (45:59)
New Eco Books 36.3
Janine Benyus, best selling author of "Biomimicry," at the Sustainability Network. (66:20)
New Eco Books 36.3
2009 Massey Lecturer Wade Davis in conversation with Nicola Ross. (33:44)
New Eco Books 36.3
Peter Stock interviews author Thomas Pawlick. (47:57)
New Eco Books 36.3
We discuss our 3rd annual celebration of green books with contributors Nicola Ross and Stephen Bocking.
The New Ecology 35.4
Environmental heavyweights Thomas Homer-Dixon and Stephen Bocking square off while Robert Gibson referees and maintains civility.
Alternatives Journal issue cover – Building Resilience 36.2
Executive Editor Nicola Ross in conversation with the father of Resilience in Ecological thinking, Buzz Holling.
Alternatives Journal issue cover – Building Resilience 36.2
Andrew McMurry weighs in on the use of language in the green movement, and Robert Gibson takes aim at simplicity.
New Energy 36.1
A radio dramatization on Canada's energy future.
New Energy 36.1
Peter Stock interviews contributors to the New Energy issue, as well as the debut of the "Alternatives Players."
Work 35.6
Part 2 with Sally Lerner, Mark Anielski and Stephen Hazell
Work 35.6
A full interview with Wayne Roberts on Local Food and the economy.
Your Town - Sustainability by Design 35.5
Sustainable communities
The New Ecology 35.4
After the The New Ecology launch, James Walker of SoundFM interviews Bob Wiseman.
Size Matters 35.1
An environmental horror story set on the Island of Nauru (23m14s).
The New Ecology 35.4
Eco-footprint developer William Rees, Right Whale researcher Moira Brown, Jessica Wong and just what does the term "Ecology" mean anyway?
Books from the Deep Green 35.3
The Ultimate Guide to Environmental Books -- over 75 Titles.
Alternatives Journal 35.2
A conversation with energy policy analyst Susan Holtz on all things biofuels.
Alternatives Journal 35.2
A discussion with REAP rep Stephanie Bailey about how to comparison shop the many biofuels alternatives.
Alternatives Journal 35.2
Calgary maverick Blake O'brien talks about what it's really like running your car on used frying oil.
Alternatives Journal 35.2
Conversation with Nicola Ross, Executive Editor of Alternatives Journal on the Biofuels issue (18m05s)
Size Matters 35.1
Is Small really still beautiful? All the time? This Size Matters issue of Alternatives tries to find out.
Size Matters 35.1
Peter Andre explains why small scale farming is an answer, but not the solution.
Ideas Worth Stealing 34.5-6
Environmental lessons from around the world.
Sustainability Taken Seriously Alternatives Journal 34.4
Greenwashing is the fluffing up of a product or service with claims of bogus or exaggerated environmental benefits.
Sustainability Taken Seriously Alternatives Journal 34.4
Sustainability - what is it, why is it important, how are we doing achieving it?
Saving the Land that Feeds Us 34.3
This inaugural episode of the AJ Podcast explores in more depth several of the feature articles from the June 2008 "Saving the Land that Feeds Us" issue.